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    Wish for something you know other people would hate but you think would be hilarious.

    Oculus as challenge mode dungeon!

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    But I liked Oculus....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    But I liked Oculus....
    Me too :-D

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    God no. I just did it again today, though, to finally get my red proto drake. I'd completed almost every achievement in Wrath but a few waited until now, and that was the least fun ones to do.

    I can't think of anything to add that everyone would hate but I'd love except maybe reverting heroics to very difficult dungeons.

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    Make LFR gear and normal gear and heroic gaer the same stats, with different color.

    I'd hate it but it would be hilarious to see what happens

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    The auction house disappearing and everything needed from there, such as gems and enchants, being put on vendors at fair set prices. That would make my day and piss off all the in game stock brokers, which just makes it that much better. There are of course other changes I would make that would cause a lot of anger, but this is the only one I would get a laugh out of.

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    Hmm I wish I could still summon people off cliffs.
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    I'd punch my computer in the freaking monitor if this came to be.
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    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    every time someone would try to pvp, a giant trollface would come up and insta kill the attacker. also, i'd do what blstmaster said, but the heroic gear would ask "umad?" in flavor text.

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    Warbringers now sometimes fixate on a random player within 50 yards for 15 seconds.

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    A pickup ability that sometimes random spawns and moves around the battleground map that everyone has to rush for. The first person to reach it causes the ground to have no solid properties and everyone but that person that grabbed hold of it falls to their death.
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    The actual implementation of the nostalgia driven vocalists ideas into the game (massive rep grinds, insane time sinks to get anything done, 2% of people raiding etc).

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    Normal and heroic raid loot made rolls like LFR

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    All classes are removed and instead every race now has two abilities. Attack and jump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tranix View Post
    Making the Chef's hat required to cook feasts.
    It's not?? Welp, I've been doing something wrong...

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    In-faction world PvP.
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    Exodar taking off and being redone only to crash into Org for the finale of MoP.
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    People who ride around on ashes of al'ar will take constant fire damage until they dismount or die.

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    Add the Durumu maze to Lei Shen in LFR

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