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    Breath of the Hydra(LFR) RPPM question

    Hi guys,

    I managed to pickup the LFR version of BotH yesterday and ran with it for ToT but found the proc rate to be nothing near what other people are claiming to get.
    For the various fights I had an up time of between 12.3-18.9% with a haste of 20.32%. Comparing this on Worldoflogs with other shammys using the normal version, it seems extremely low (they were averaging ~30% with 20-22% haste) so can someone tell me if this is a difference between the LFR and normal trinkets? I've given up the double upgraded relic in favour of it and am starting to think that maybe I should swap back.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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    Procchance is scaled by itemlvl:
    528 ilevel = 100.00% proc multiplier
    522 ilevel = 94.56% proc multiplier
    502 ilevel = 78.49% proc multiplier

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