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    Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn question.

    I picked this trinket up yesterday in LFR. I'm just double checking that its worthless. At least thats what i had thought to have read. If I did equipped it, it would be replacing an upgraded DM relic card.

    If it matters I'm in a 10 man guild with a holy pally, disc prist healing combo.

    Thanks for any help you have to give.

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    I think that, that trinket is utterly crap. The proc chance is low and only a 23k Absorb isn't much. Its better to stick with your Upgrade DMC.
    On a side note: imo all the Int trinkets with Spirit procs are better for shamans.

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    I have the heroic version of the trinket. It's not super good, but not completely bad either. It's a lot better than the other absorb trinket I have (the one with the 20sec cd use). My 2nd trinket is a normal version and it is doing 1/2 absorbs of the hydra trinket, which is passive. I use that troll trinket every time it's off cooldown.
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    It is complete garbage. Horridons is a great trinket as is lighting imbued chalice if you can get your hands on it. If the shield scaled with sp or something it would be better but after several raids with the normal mode equipped it accounts for barely 1% of healing done even after they buffed it. I DE'd mine and am still using the T14 SotS over it.

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