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    Resto Haste vs Crit 10 man

    First off I would like to say I'm sorry for starting yet another thread on this topic. I have read through most of the other ones already. I had thought to have had a decent idea on how to spec until last night when my priest suggested different.

    Our healing comp is Disc priest, holy pally and of course resto sham. We're far from a heroic guild. (We only raid 5hr a week.) right now I'm forging out off hast where ever I can. I'm a goblin and I'm setting at around 1800 haste (with out AS), 18.4% Crit, 48% mastery. After last nights raid the priest and I were talking about stats ect for both of our classes. He was under the understanding that I should be shooting for a much higher hast break point. I said I would look into it again but last I heard the extra ticks were buggy. So should I pick up AS again and shoot for the 3306 break point? My gear IL is around 504.

    Thanks for any help you have to give.

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    With that ilvl I would just suggest to maximize your mana regen through spirit and crit. You can go for crit>spirit or spirit>crit, either way works. You shouldn't worry about the haste breakpoints that much. When you feel comfortable with your regen, you can start getting more haste. Haste also increases your mana consumption, so it makes things a bit more complicated.

    A rough scenario what you "should" be doing is this:
    You have 12k spirit, 7k crit and 1,5k haste. You feel your regen is decent and you want more haste.
    Then you need to get 12,5k spirit, 8k crit and 4k haste to maintain that same level mana management. That can only be achieved through major item level upgrades.
    If you just get a higher haste breakpoint without increasing your mana regen, you will end up ooming quicker. Although this isn't 100% true, it generally works that way.

    So get your regeneration to adequate level. If you increase your haste after that, you also need to increase your regeneration.

    You might need to reforge and regem multiple times to try different things out. The key is to find the stat setup that works for you and your raid the best. And there is no absolute truth on which setup is the best.
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    I posted yesterday about this and after reading the responses and simming it myself, I went to the 2nd haste break point. Before 5.2 I was straight crit and mastery. Crit was around 15-16% and mastery was 60%+. I had no problems with mana whatsoever and through put was nice. After reaching the 2nd break point, it always me to "snipe" heals and show good numbers. With the haste at 3763 I am also getting heals off faster. It is really on you, if you want your numbers to increase then go for 2nd break point. If you just want to progress in your guild, then do what Puupi stated above.

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    Thanks for your help guys.

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