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    Burning Legion vs. Azshara - which would you prefer?

    Here's the thing...

    All the evidence seems to suggest that we'll face the burning legion again in the next expansion.
    I would love this so much, and really missed the old-school Warcraft themes and story lines that come with that.

    I hope to see Turalyon and Alleria, and I want the opportunity to see Argus. Something new.

    But then I think of Vashj'ir. Love it or hate it, it is a special zone.
    One could say it is my favourite zone in recent years.

    It's something about the underwater theme, the music, and the fact that you have this vast, unknown world in front of you once you take the plunge that interests me. Imagine that x10. Imagine an expansion where you just went deeper and deeper into the ocean, saw a bunch of strange and absurd worlds down there - or pleasant little tropical islands by the surface. You'd obviously use that seahorse mount of yours, so moving around would be fine.

    But anyway. What would be your preferred expansion? I'm really split down the middle on this one!
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    Azshara 100%.

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    still yet to see anything concrete about the next expansion being anything to do with the burning legion.
    That being said, If I have to choose between an expansion concerning the burning legion, or Queen Azshara. I would like to see
    The Burning Queen. or The Legion of Azshara.

    What I am saying is there is no reason for them not to have a up comming expansion deal with both Azshara and the Legion at the same time.
    if we do have a water zone, then they need to fix the god damn map in regards to if a quest is above you or below you. 3D questing just does not work in the wow engine at the moment. Sure it looks pretty, but its bloody clunky to play in.
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    I've been saying Burning Legion since that first part of the legendary questline came out, where you chat with Wrathion and see the green meteors hit Azeroth, but I've kinda come around on that. In actual fact I don't care anymore what Blizzard comes up with, I just want it to be as well made and thought out as Mists was.

    I've been on the Burning Legion bandwagon for a long while cause it seemed to me to be the most likely prospect to give us a solid expansion, but having experienced what Blizz did in Mists in terms of not just story, but also in design and in content delivery, I think they can make anything work. In fact, I think they'd be better at making a cool new expansion if they aren't bound too much by what's been in the past, and have more of a free reign. So maybe, just maybe it would be a better expansion if it isn't Burning Legion, since that would bring in some very fixed expectations and notions and ideas.

    TL;DR: I don't know anymore, but Demons and the Burning Legion are probably more fun to me then the other known expansion ideas. I just hope it's as good as Mists has been so far.

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    I've never been a huge fan of Azshara for some reason. The lore around it just has never struck me and any encounters in game vaguely relating to that just have left a bad taste in my mouth, so that leaves me with Burning Legion. We haven't fought straight demons in awhile so I think it would be nice to have some fun with that again, I loved BC's environment so maybe it can be replicated in a sense.
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    I'll take whatever has the potential to make naga a playable race because, well, naga.
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    Why not both ?

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    Azshara is just N'zoths tool, like Deathwing was. Deathwing was miles more interesting than Azshara has ever posed herself to be, and they kind of dropped the ball with him... I suppose, with Azshara, we could at least bet that she has her own agenda, perhaps removed from N'zoth and the other old god's ultimate goals. But I'll be pissed if we skirt ANOTHER N'zoth related expansion without dealing with the blaggart like we did with C'thun and Yogg-saron.

    But that being said, I think it's time to stick a boot up some burning legion crater holes again. They've certainly built up to it. Hopefully they can construct a more... sensible... story and more alien environments than they did in BC.
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    I'm torn, really. Because honestly an Azshara expansion would be amazing provided it was an expansion similar to this concept - Azshara raises a new continent to explore, tons of crawling horrors from the depths raised into the light, inevitable trip to the Old God city Ny'alotha, etc.

    However, a new Burning Legion style expansion might bring us to never before seen worlds, with new Outland-ish (hahah) zones that have a far out, sci-fi look and feel, with floating mountains and crystal trees and so forth.

    Both have an incredible potential for new visuals to enjoy. The Azshara one would doubtlessly involve more of the creeping horror of the Old Gods and mysteries of their involvement with Azeroth which I love, while a Burning Legion might revitalize interest in the Legion by injecting brand new material into the concept, which it could really use.

    All things considered, I think I'm leaning towards Azshara more, since I feel it's more likely to involve stuff that I know I'll enjoy. I won't be disappointed to hear about it being Burning Legion related though.

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    south seas Azshara exp! I wrote up some zone ideas here

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    Voted other because... both. After the reaction to Vashj'ir, I do not see a whole underwater expansion happening. But I can see it being an entire tier of content in a Legion xpac.
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    The South Seas first, to deal with the N'Zoth stuff: Azshara and the Emerald Nightmare, and then with the big baddie himself. And perhaps have some sort of introduction of the Legion. Maybe by the end of the expansion the invasion starts, and the next one is fighting them off Azeroth and then bringing the fight to Argus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miralynn View Post
    Voted other because... both. After the reaction to Vashj'ir, I do not see a whole underwater expansion happening. But I can see it being an entire tier of content in a Legion xpac.
    An Azshara expansion does not have to be a whole underwater expansion.

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    I feel like Azshara will lead us TO the burning legion, same xpac. Maybe she'll try to open a portal back up, we gain control and head to "insert planet here" or something.
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    it depends on what comes with them.

    if BL comes with draenei warlocks and azshara doesn't come with playable naga, than BL;
    if azshara comes with playable naga and BL doesn't come with draenei warlocks, than azshara;
    if BL comes with draenei warlocks and azshara comes with playable naga... AH CAN'T CHOOSE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    draenei warlocks
    I would quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bathory View Post
    I feel like Azshara will lead us TO the burning legion, same xpac. Maybe she'll try to open a portal back up, we gain control and head to "insert planet here" or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    I would quit.
    than look at jurim and quit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zebuh View Post
    Why not both ?
    For goodness sake I hope it's not both. If they are both then they are both bound to not be explored right. A little bit of one, then a bit of the other, then a bit of both together, and... the result will be just like the Burning Crusade: Blizzard will have burned through a lot of their good characters at once.

    Each of the concepts is interesting and deep enough to hold an entire expansion's worth of content on its own, and each would be a waste to be shoe-horned with the other. And all for nothing. The game still has quite some life in it to be good for two expansions more at least.

    As for Azshara being merely a tool of the Old Gods: so what? She is still far more interesting to the general player-base than Old Gods. Not that she is extremely interesting in general. Most of the players' favourites have already been used up, and now most of what remains are quite powerful, but not that interesting characters and concepts. Maybe Illidan was nothing in front of the all-mighty tentacled ones, but he is by far more popular for example. Azshara may not be as popular, but she is quite popular on her own, and an expansion about her and her naga would be far more interesting than an expansion about divine squids. Especially considering how you can bring in her ties to the elves, and tie in the Old Gods as well.

    I voted for Azshara, because I would like an expansion which would delve in to night elf lore while having some Old Gods material, and be based on Azeroth; but I think we are most likely going to to get the Burning Legion first. Which seems weird considering the Legion always seemed like the ultimate enemy. Who knows, perhaps we'll get two Burning Legion expansions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    than look at jurim and quit
    Playable draenei warlocks. You know what I meant. Did I really have to waste a post on this?

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