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    Haven't done anything too bad, but when I first started I used the 'poor little girl' routine to get other players to boost me and buy me gear and stuff.

    Since then I have been a Nun. Giving away portals, lockbox picks and various other things for free.
    Have you hugged a Gnome today?

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    It's not a confession from me, but we were doing an Immortal run for Naxx25, back when you could still get the title and the mount. A really -really- bad warrior who just happened to be one of the founding members of the guild had gotten himself saved to one boss. Anyways the Shaman Class Officer for the guild zoned in (This is before the confirm save box) and immediately got locked to a different Naxx25. He had to sit himself, and sure enough we got Immortal that week. We tried and tried in the following weeks before Ulduar launched and the title/mount became unavailable, but he never got it.
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but he could have still gotten his title. That title didn't go away until 4.0 so he still could have gotten his title well into ICC.

    Ass for my confession, well... I used to be bad. Like... terrible. I would autowand on my lock to "save mana." I also used to cast my dots in a sequence over and over again, completely neglecting the SB filler. Like I said... I was bad. Thankfully it only took one tier of me being terrible to see the light, but still, I'm ashamed of how bad I used to be.

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