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    Will anything ever be as epic as BC?

    While I know BC was not without its faults I feel that BC was the most epic and immersive xpac from WoW and IMO any other MMO. The scope was massive, the instances and raids were challenging and the zones were so atmospheric and moody, even today when I go through shadowmoon I get chills from the music and atmosphere. The raids felt so epic especially Black Temple and of course the armor sets and gear were among the best looking. I don't know whats planned for the next Xpac since some rumors say its the last others say they got 3 more. I'm hoping for another Burning Legion storyline since we still have KJ alive and of course Saragas they can defiantly revisit the burning legion again and I hope it can achieve the quality and feel of BC.

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    There have been only a few moments/things in WoW that I would classify as epic and none of them were in TBC.

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    This is entirely your opinion. I felt Northrend was far more immerse than Outland and that WotLK's storyline was substantially more cohesive than TBC's was. Also, I think TBC pales in comparison to what MoP has to offer concerning quality of work, the art direction, the storyline and the sheer amount of content available. Cataclysm was just a wreck.

    TBC wasn't bad. But it was the FIRST, which makes it super Rose-Tinted for a LOT of people. TBC wasn't better. It just was first.

    If we get another Burning Legion expansion, and it lives up the standards of quality and lore like MoP has, then I think it will be vastly popular among the fanbase.

    But please, there have been many things since TBC that have been far more "epic."

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    If you're asking this question, then no, I doubt you'll ever find something as epic as BC. A lot of people are "stuck in the past," and really enjoy the nostalgia. I'm not gonna tell you what you should and shouldn't love, but don't assume that everyone who experienced BC found it as or more epic than previous or later content.

    Personally, I found Wrath's storyline to have more "epic" moments than BC by far, and thought the story was handled much better. I think it was some of the most immersive questing we've had, with some areas in Mists getting getting back to that feeling. I have always had real issues with Blizzard's handling of Kael, Vashj, and Illidan, and their reduction to cackling, insane, cameo-villains. It's left a sour taste in my mouth to this day, and I really didn't enjoy BC as a result.
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    ...probably the ONLY epic moment in BC was the ZA trailer. Zul'jin's speech at the end gave me chills. Otherwise BC was very mediocre.

    In terms of epicness? It's hard to argue more than the Lich King, and I dont even like Wrath as much as most. Epicness meters:

    Wrath > MoP > Cataclysm > Vanilla > BC.

    Even Vanilla wins out with epic moments like entering AQ40 the first time or taking out Nefarian.

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    Yeah Wrath, and Pandaria are both as epic and i think more epic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    There have been only a few moments/things in WoW that I would classify as epic and none of them were in TBC.
    Seriously. Wrathgate gave me chills every time I did it on an alt (the first time I did it, I was in pure awe). Seeing the Lich King on top of Icecrown (not the rest of the raid, just this one part) was way more epic to me than Illidan and Archimonde combined. Even flying to the Maelstrom to meet Thrall was more epic than anything in TBC. The Maelstrom has been there for years, and this is the first time we see it up close. Took my breath away,
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    Honestly? I havent found any game where ive had as much enjoyment as I did during TBC. It was spot on, and its hard to top.

    Also please cut the "nostalgia" shit, you cant dismiss an opinion with that horrendously overused word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyK923 View Post
    ...probably the ONLY epic moment in BC was the ZA trailer. Zul'jin's speech at the end gave me chills. Otherwise BC was very mediocre.
    Okay, I take back what I said. The ZA trailer was epic. How could I have forgotten about that?!

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    It's all opinion really. I agree with you about TBC, but I fear I feel this way because TBC was my *prime* time of WoW. It's when I started to learn about my class and specs in depth, it's when Ii started to properly raid, it's when I met most of my friends that I still play with to this day.

    I loved TBC, it was a great time, I also agree with you about the zones, out of every expansion nothing feels as epic as Nagrand, or Zangarmarsh, or Shadowmoon Valley etc.

    There was also the fact we got Flight which was completely exciting for me personally, being a druid and doing the quest chain to get my flight form was awesome!

    But I have enjoyed WoTLK too, didn't have as many *epic* adventures as I did in TBC, but mainly due to the fact I knew the game inside out by that point, nothings going to be as exciting as your first time. (in many things lol)

    But I think Blizzard are still doing a cracking job bringing us fun and new entertainment every expack, not their faults we're all old time players that know most stuff and don't get the same thrill anymore I still do get excited for a new expansion release though!

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    Question: Will anything ever be as epic as BC?

    Short answer: No

    Long answer: Not likely
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    You should have no expectations for the next expansion IMO...

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    Lot of bullshit in Wrath but it had Ulduar and that trumps everything.

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    Classic was the most epic even though its not an expansion. So to answer your question, NO.

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    Cata and Mists are much better expansions than TBC. The only reason people like TBC is because of nostalgia

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    I found the subject matter/story, zones, and raids in WotLK to be considerably more "epic" than in TBC, but it's easy to let personal feelings color one's perspective of what "epic" really means. I think people hate on Wrath a lot because the raids were easier than TBC (at least initially), and some things were more easily obtainable than they had been previously, and they let this sour their opinion of the expansion as a whole, rather than remembering the great things about it, at least in terms of it's storylines and the scale of everything. To go off a brief tangent, the elements that people thought were too easy or made Wrath too "casual friendly" have been heavily expanded upon in the succeeding expansions, and those elements are far more fleshed out now, and the game is currently far more "casual friendly" than it was in Wrath (in my opinion, and no, that isn't necessarily a bad thing).

    For the record, Wrath is my favorite expansion, with Cataclysm being my least favorite. TBC was pretty amazing as well, better than MoP in my opinion.

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    Ulduar was best raid.
    TBC was best expansion (in terms of new shit - prof/race/pvp/lore).
    Cataclysm was the shittiest.
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    The only reason TBC stands out as being so "epic" is because most people didn't get to experience the epicness of vanilla. Naxx40 felt pretty damn epic. Just to be one of the few to zone into that place and kill a few bosses made you a god among men. By the time TBC rolled around, raiding was picking up steam and Blizzard had changed some of their philosophies on accessibility. While I'm not saying that TBC didn't have some truly groundbreaking aspects, by comparison, TBC was far less expansive and awe-inspiring than WotLK. TBC felt more epic because it was being compared to vanilla. Vanilla was great, but the game was still very rough back then. TBC ironed out a lot of the harsh edges to the game, but if we're ranking xpacs based on which one looks like Blizzard put the most into it, I'd have to say WotLK wins for best new continent and Cata wins for overall work because of the redevelopment of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. People tend to discount Cata because it didn't do much for the seasoned end-game player, but in terms of what that xpac did for lowbies and new people, it was truly amazing and very well executed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterman View Post
    Cata and Mists are much better expansions than TBC. The only reason people like TBC is because of nostalgia
    Cata better than BC lol.

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    Short answer is no

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    Nothing can ever be more epic than a memory. If your memory puts TBC on the highest pedestal, then it is impossible.

    Personally, I think all expansions were different enough where you can't really compare them. Apples to oranges. I've been having a blast with each expansion, so I like them all pretty equally.

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