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    Quote Originally Posted by Yogg-Saron, God of Death View Post
    That's not true at all. You're missing something big. It's to the people saying "TBC WAS INDUBITABLY THE BEST, ANYONE WHO DOES NOT THINK SO CAN ROT", in other words. I liked TBC, WoTLK and I like MoP equally and for other reasons, but that doesn't mean it's fact. Some people are trying to write "TBC was best" off as factual, and that is the problem.
    Oh, it's true. Just look at so many posts explaining how nostalgia is only reason why we like better some of older expansions. And disregard people who think "anyone who does not think so can rot", that's just some bad thinking.
    As most ppl said, epic is very subjective. But some things stand out. Epic is when you have 300+ lvl 1 naked orcs trying to raid Stormwind. Epic was pre-Wrath zombie event. Epic was opening of gates of AQ....
    This can be subjective but try to answer. Which is more epic - getting to Illidan on top of Black Temple after a long journey or queing for Lei Shen in RF to get ported in front of him with 2 stacks of Determination, 5-6 people missing and quite a few of them arguing who's momma is fatter or who is baddie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyK923 View Post
    As a final statement, I find it funny people say that BC raids were epic. Really? Karazhan was probably the only one, perhaps the Magtheridon fight and you can throw Kael's fight in it too. Illidan was killed, really, at the middleish of the expansion and then Blizzard scrambled to make sure the story of the expansion wasn't totally ruined. When your expansion's supposed-key villain is overshadowed not only by Kil'jaeden, but Kael'thas too, then you failed.

    Hyjal as well deserves a special place in hell. Totally unoriginal boss fights except for Archimonde spaced throughout just waves of trash.

    I wonder how many people who say that BC was so awesome actually played it during its time and not after. Imbalanced classes, stupid gating for heroics and raids, nonsensical storyline changes, gutting the expansion villain halfway through the expac, ect.

    I'll say it again, BC was good for its time. But its time is far passed.
    Can't agree with that. Cataclysm had worst end boss in history of WoW. Actually, can you call it a boss. You fight tentacles. And it had potential - flying on big bad dragons back. That's pretty good idea. Implementation - not so.
    *edit Oh, and Kil'jaiden was most powerful boss we fought so far, would be a shame that he didn't overshadow Illidan (which was awesome). IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by potis View Post
    People dont understand that the epicness feeling came from the game actually being a RPG.

    WoW is no longer a RPG, it will no longer feel epic ever because everyone and everything is the same, the moment someone has something more than the other one, the forums explode with tears and requests of changes.

    Arena is at fault, blizzard knows it, blizzard admitted it was their biggest mistake yet they didnt do anything to change it.

    The game isnt that bad still but its no longer a RPG for sure.
    RPG = Role-Playing Game. A role-playing game (RPG and sometimes roleplaying game[1][2]) is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting.

    Remind me which part of that is no longer true in WoW?

    So many idiots spouting off opinions as facts on this thread, without thinking about what they are typing before they type it.

    The Original Poster's opinion is an opinion. If my answer to his question is supposed to be in context of how HE feels about TBC, then MY answer would be "NOT LIKELY," because clearly he has such strong nostalgia for TBC that most likely he will not be satisfied with any future content that ISN'T TBC. (BUT THIS IS MY OPINION)

    However, if he's asking it in the true content of which it should be asked, as in, he wants MY opinion, then my opinion would be:

    Yes. There have already been things far more epic than TBC. WoTLK was the best storyline WoW has ever seen (in my opinion) and MoP has delivered the most plentiful, varied, POLISHED and fun content WoW has ever offer to me. (Again, in my opinion)

    It would be more beneficial to everyone if we could all stop talking like our opinions are fact. I know I've been guilty of it plenty of times, but maybe we can all try a little harder. Because saying something like, "WoW is no longer an RPG" is your opinion, and if we really wanted to take the actual definition of what an RPG is and test your argument, you would, for debate's sake, actually be wrong.

    But who's counting, right?
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    I get as hard over BC as the next guy.. But.. BC wasn't really THAT good... There have been numerous improvements to the game since then. While BC may have had many great moments, that hardly compares the amount of piled up shit that the rest of that expansion was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterman View Post
    Cata and Mists are much better expansions than TBC. The only reason people like TBC is because of nostalgia
    Cata was absolute dogshit. Only expansion that made me quit the game for more than 6 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krayzz View Post
    I get as hard over BC as the next guy.. But.. BC wasn't really THAT good... There have been numerous improvements to the game since then. While BC may have had many great moments, that hardly compares the amount of piled up shit that the rest of that expansion was.
    I'm gonna say that to me BC was by far the best expansion, followed by MoP, for one main reason: Arenas. Arena PvP was truly great back then, after Wrath hit it was never the same sadly.

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    The main things I liked about BC were:

    -World PvP objectives in multiple zones
    -Zones having their own unique color that was clearly different than any other zone in outland
    -Levels weren't as important in PvP as they have become the past few xpacs, mainly due to how Blizzard scaled gear with expansions ("Wanting it to feel like an upgrade/didn't want you to be able to quest to max level in your former gear")
    -Fast PvP damage
    -Hybrid talent trees
    -No death knights
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    Quote Originally Posted by OperationFerret View Post
    Legion PvP is so bad that Holinka is handing out titles for watching the arena championships.

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    Nostalgia is the most powerful thing out there, makes you able to see passed all the little annoyances for just a few things you enjoyed even if they were vastly outweighed. I know I love TBC so much just for that reason.. though if you tried i'm sure you could think up at least one "Epic" thing from each xpac.
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    I did like the difficulty of the Heroic dungeons back then. I think that's something that could return. LFD would be for normal versions of the dungeons (our current Heroic difficulty) and then have higher difficulty and better loot for actual Heroic dungeons that are created manually (No LFD tool)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taiknee View Post
    -Fast PvP damage
    Wait, I remember TBC being the chess-type-pvp expansion?

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    Nothing will ever be as epic as the time we glitched out H:25 LK.

    Long story short, we stacked and burned, and near the end (where he "wipes" you), something happened and I ended up being the only one left alive (as a prot warrior). We were still in the first Icy AoE phase, but Second Wind kept me alive.

    He gets to the end of his monologue, and starts casting his undeath rezz spell. Just as Tirion is about to break free, the Lich King says "I delight in the irony," I yell, "IRONY THIS, BITCH!" and Execute the killing blow.

    The entire time, everybody is freaking out in Mumble, taking bets on whether I'd be able to finish him or not, etc (typical guild activities). It was a great thing, hahah, and still one of my favorite memories of the game.

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