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    [Moonkin] DPS Advice Needed

    I had posted a thread previously but looks like it was deleted???

    Anyways, I'd appreciate if someone would take a look over my logs and give advice on my spell rotation. My DPS is terribad, so I'm clearly doing something wrong.


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    please god.. someone help my guildy so we can progress...

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    30% uptime nature's grace
    50% starsurge procs used
    50% uptime moonfire/sunfire on Horridon
    used 4 nature's vigil on a possibility of 6-7
    you did not use any pots.

    Horridon for a balance druid is pretty easy, use your eclipsed dot on all adds, keep double dots on horridon and spam your starsurge procs.
    Dont bother hard casting on adds, not worth it, just spam string dot, weak dot if you dont have any SS proc, rinse and repeat

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    Horridon seemed pretty sketchy to me. I need to get more practice in there.

    Magaera seemed to go smoother in terms of rotation, but still resulted in low DPS.

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    post a armory link it will help

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    The other thread wasn't deleted. Was just held in the moderation queue. It's available now. Closing is thread.
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