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    Question Horridon 10 Heroic problems

    Hello MMO-C.
    Currently we're having problems on 2nd gates (either poison or other BS), so, any tips would've been very helpful.
    Tank: 2 Blood DK or Blood DK+Prot War
    Heals: Holy Pal, Disc Priest (Resto Druid optional)
    DPS: Boomkin, Frost Mage, Surv Hunter, Frost DK and Destro Warlock.
    Link to the logs is below:

    P.S.: Also, any tips in terms how to survive on 3rd gates (like popping BL on 1 or 2nd big adds or smth) would be nice.

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    We killed this last night. Initially we had troubles with the second gate too. There are two important dps checks to make on that gate that will help immensely. 1) kill the first g priest before the next two spawn to prevent him from casting an effusion. 2) kill the second priest before the Dinomancer spawns to prevent an effusion spawn.

    Once you get those down, you'll notice the gate is 10x easier

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    Like tuna said, the important thing is to get interrupts on 2nd door and make sure to kill things fast.
    1st venompriest should be ~50% when it casts the first volley and die before the effusion spawns.
    2nd and 3rd venompriest come down at the same time, make sure they are both interrupted and are killed quickly (usually spawn only 1 effusion each).

    3rd door your raid is going to spread out all over and be like 'omg an add is attacking me i better run either farther away'.
    smack them.
    the small adds fixate. it's better to get close together so they get killed faster by cleaves/aoe. you can do things like stun them so the debuff doesn't stack up as much.
    try to kill the 1st big add shortly after the 2nd and 3rd come out. Having 3 up and msing at the same time can lead to tank deaths.

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    A few questions I have about this boss if anyone can help also:

    On gate two, there are a total of 3 venom priests. The first one gets killed before number 2 and 3 come out. Do you kill priest 2 and 3 before the dinomancer or just number 2?

    Also, once a dinomancer gets to 50%, do you finish killing him or kill other 'priority' targets first and THEN finally finish the dinomancer off?

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    for the 2nd priest + 3rd priest and dinomancer we pretty much just cleave everything down. 1 melee is assigned to each priest to interrupt volleys and range interrupt dinomancer (ranged burn down dino to 50% asap as well)

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    Once the Dinomancer is at 50% you should ignore him. Kill other priority targets (second gate being effusions, priests then blood lords).

    The second and fourth gates are the hardest IMO. Any composition with a DK can absolutely trivialize the third gate with AoTD. Case AoTD when the two special adds jump down and you get a good 30 seconds of zero diseases going out in the raid. People AoE hard while this is happening, quickly switch to the Dinomancer and then back to the adds.

    The fourth door is tricky. 5-6 people in your raid now have barney chasing them so positioning needs to be good. Main thing about this door is not being in front of the bears, not zerging the bears so that you have multiple shaman down (multiple shaman mean multiple hexes going out, which will destroy your raid). If you kill a bear commit to killing that shaman. Flame adds do a lot of damage and it's probably best to leave a melee or two on them to destroy them.

    Last phase is still brutal depending on your tanks. Just make sure people pop their defensive CDs for dire call when it's just Horridon + Jalak. The only thing you really need to be aware of is the first dire call. Depending on your DPS (lack of or too much), dire call might line up with the second or third beastial cry. Other times it won't line up at all. Just have to be aware of this. As a general rule make sure people have a defensive up for every dire call in the last phase.

    Horridon enraged is a 450k dire call. If people are topped off they should live with zero defensive CDs up. It might look urgent to OMG raid heal after a dire call, but don't. There is absolutely zero urgency to get people topped off because the raid damage only happens every minute. Random heals will top the raid off in time.

    Really need to spam the tank hard and communicate CDs on tanks well. He hits really hard. Tanks should always be ready to taunt off each other after a charge/double swipe because triple puncture + melee attack will nearly one shot a lot of tanks.

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    Thx for tips.
    Also, our tank said that if we manage to kill the venom spriest fast enough, there won't be any effusions later on.
    Is that true?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    1st venompriest should be ~50% when it casts the first volley and die before the effusion spawns.
    yes it is true. the venompriests cast the effusions (doesn't show any cast bars)

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    If you struggle on the 2nd door, you should probably go to ji kun. We do it with 3 healers, first priest dies before he has casted anything, im interupting the priest ppl dont focus on when the pair of 2 spwn, while our melee kick the one they focus(as tank).There is no problem to spawn 2 effusions when dinomancer spawns, as your tank can solo both since the dps tanks output is insane. 3rd door has nothing specific but here is where the dps check comes into play, as you have to finish everything before the 4th gate. On fourth uwant to have a melee sit on flamecasters, while every1 else focus the bear and the shaman that come first. You have to kill bear and shaman w/o killing another bear before dinomancer comes so you can close the door, and aoe after. 2 shamans are not a problem at all being up, curse doesnt destroy your raid as much as ppl say, chain lighting does. Chain lightining jumps hit for 300k, so as long as you decurse ur tank rest are fine.
    And after jalak dies, you should really watch movies where ppl kite boss, as your tank setup wont have ur tanks survive for more than a minute, together. Sad story but yeah, there is a lot of frustration going on after 10 mins getting oneshot like a fly, with 300k overhit after being topped.

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