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    Prot trinket help.

    Unsure which trinket to take?

    The valor one that gives like 1400 mastery and the 16000 dodge decreasing by 1600 every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.

    Or the Lei shen one, that gives like 2200 stamina and aborbs 10000 damageevery attack for a max of 55000.

    The stamina is really tempting me :L

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    Basically, trinket choice depends a lot on raid difficulty, raid size, healer comp, gearing choice, fight/encounter style, and your role on the encounter.

    The Valor trinket (Mastery, with dodge use) is garbage on every facet of tanking except for perhaps tanking bats on Tortos.

    The Lei Shen trinket is a great stamina bank (the only one we have this tier), but the on-use is pathetic.

    BEST bet would be to pick up 2 of the following:

    1) Valor Expertise trinket, reforged into haste. Str proc is better than dodge garbage.
    2) Spark of Zandalar (Horridon) - Passive haste, STR proc
    3) Fortitude of Zandalari (Council) - Passive expertise, reforged into haste, HP buff on use
    4) Feather of JiKun - Passive Hit, reforged into haste, STR proc

    Or even older trinkets like:
    1) Lei Shen's Final Orders - Passive haste, STR proc.
    2) MSV trash/Shado-pan rep trinket - Passive stam, Mastery on-use.

    And, for Firefly
    1) Ghost Iron Dragonling with Haste/Mastery/Exp/Hit in it.
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