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    [Resto] WG Glyph Usage

    Question about using WG glyph. This is intended for 10m raids, normal mode. I know for 25m or heroics, the glyph is valuable because of the 6th target will be worthwhile much more often.

    But for 10 m, normal modes, once we lose the 4pc T14 swiftmend reduction, has anyone tried dropping the WG glyph? I still have numerous times where the 6th target is going on a pet. And because WG is a smart heal, if it does hit a 6th target, it will be the one who needs it the least. Once the T14 4pc bonus is gone, it seems like it will be more beneficial to cast WG every 8 sec on 5 targets than every 10 sec on 6 targets. Has anyone tried this and able to post their experiences?

    I know on a purely math basis, I am wrong. But again, in 10m normal modes, it seems that the 6th target is often wasted. Plus, since it seems people are almost never stacked for efflorescence to do much, it would be nice having an aoe heal on a 8 sec CD instead of 10 (since without T14 bonus, we can't align with SM).

    Also, without the glyph, it seems we may be able to slign with the SM, except using a WG 2x for every 1 SM (and therefore holding off the sm cast slightly). Not sure if this will be worth it, and if not, I will probably go back to incarnation once I lose the 4pc T14 bonus.

    Ok, I'm rambling, but if anyone has experience with the above described items, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

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    Since you don't want to discuss on a mathy level, I'll just state my opinion on that:

    On fights with lots of AoE damage, the glyph is mandatory even in 10 man because the 6th hot is not wasted, thus giving more HPS and HPM. On fights with not so much AoE damage, I probably would not use WG on CD anyway, so why remove the glyph? It's still more HPS and HPM in the burst AoE situations almost every fight has, and otherwise, even if the 6th hot is wasted on a pet, the only disadvantage is the increased cooldown, which doesn't really matter when not much AoE damage is flying around.

    So, I don't really follow your argument. I would advise the glyph for all fights, no matter if 4pT14 and SotF are used or not.

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    The math points to the WG glyph being superior almost all the time. The real question is which glyph(s) do you believe will impact your raid more. Blooming is a pvp glyph, stampede is situational and rejuv is terrible. There are so few fights to even consider swapping from LB, regrowth, WG.

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