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    [A] <Ferocious Intent> Recruiting for 25man

    Currently 6/12 in ToT after having done 5.1 content as 16/16 normal and 3/16 Heroic (starting 2 months after MoP release).

    Looking for CORE raiders that can commit to the raid times, help weekly guild gold earned, and be friendly.

    We provide food, flasks, and repairs for the raids.

    The guild uses Ventrilo for communication.

    Server: US-Stormrage
    Faction: Alliance
    Timezone: EST
    Raid Format: 25

    Raid Dates: Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday (MTW)
    Raid Times: 8:15PM - 11:00PM EST (server time)
    Loot: Zero Sum DKP for trinkets, weapons, tokens; modified roll system for others

    Recruiting Officers: Fonderi (Fonderi#1315), Earisu (Anthimus#1922), Dethdekay
    Raid Leaders: Earisu, Bhora, Vitamindope
    GM: Chogan

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    It's always a progression party!

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