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    Why does everyone make fun of us?!?!?!

    hunters are one of the coolest classes out there with awesome gear and everybody hates on them, why? they are great for damage and can even buff. can someone explain this to me?

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    Who is hating on us?
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    Run a few pug dungeons once you have done it with 10 or more random hunters come back to this thread you will be able to answer the question yourself.
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    People make fun of all classes. Welcome to the internet, where anonymity means they can get away with whatever they want.

    Hunters, however, still have the rap for being "huntards", due to the ease of playing the class in previous expansions. Back when all you needed to do was spam Aimed Shot and/or Arcane Shot to pull decent enough numbers, along with auto-attacking, hunters were more or less a class that anyone could get away with playing with one or two macros as their entire rotation.

    It wasn't until Cata that hunters gained the ability to supply any and all raid buffs their group was missing, as well as switching to a Focus system, and (possibly) requiring a bit more skill to maximize damage while bringing good utility abilities.

    tl;dr - You used to be able to press 1 macro repeatedly as your whole rotation, meaning less intelligent players picked "huntard".
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    Where is this great hunter gear? We have like 2 good tier sets and the rest is blegh. I have to transmog shaman gear.

    Other classes dont have great gear these days very often either but they seem to have more sets that look good to me than hunter sets. Maybe if they could get off the "insert animal here"-stalker theme that has been used way too much, and made a set that looks like something an archer would wear, we could get a good new set.

    As far as people not liking hunters its probably because of thinking its an easy class to play. People also dont like hunter pets because they do stupid stuff. I would give up my pet in any group content as long as DPS didnt suffer.

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    The same reason people hate on Gnomes for no reason. Hive mind mentality.

    Welcome to the internet. Leave your logic and common sense at the door.

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    Every weapon is a hunter weapon is why.

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    Used to be a mindless class to play for a good return, now most can be played that way.

    I enjoy my hunter, though only 86... but may level him a bit now I have that 463 mantid archaeology gun.

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    Why? Some people like to troll, and would poke a flaming stick at anyone or anything just to get their 'lulz'. Sad, but true. [/sarcasm + truth]

    On topic: Some of it is hive mentality. Others simply bring it on themselves by doing stupid crap like leaving a pet's growl on and purposely taunting targets off the tank. Not everyone who plays a hunter is a 'huntard,' and not everyone who plays a hunter really knows WTF he/she is doing, either. There are plenty of people who knowingly do ignorant stuff for their own 'lulz' and some who just seriously do not know how to properly play a hunter (or anything else) due to being inexperienced at the class or Warcraft in general. The same can be said of any class in the game, from DKs, Druids, Mages, Monks and Paladins to Priests, Rogues, Shamans, Warlocks and Warriors. Some people truly GET what it means to know their class and play their roles properly. Others just slam their heads against the keyboard and scream 'Dude look - I R teh 1337 haxxorz' over Vent.

    Don't let it get you down, personally, as this crap happens to every class at some point or another. Work to better YOUR abilities, and act as an example for your class of choice. Then, you'll not only become a greater asset to whatever team you're part of (dungeon, BG, raid), but you'll also be able to recognize when other people screw up intentionally or are under-performing.


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    We will always have a bad reputation thanks to the baddies who have come before us

    The ones who always thought all loot is hunter loot

    The ones who always leave there pet on growl

    The ones who always leaves on aspect of the pack

    TBH im proud to be called a Huntard its almost an term of endearment to me

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    i think dk reputation is way worse

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    Goddamn autocast growl in heroic and on raid trash.
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    That's why.
    It's like crossing an intersection. There's shit going on all over the place and you don't panic and act like an idiot then do you?

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    There used to be an issue where any agility weapon (daggers, one handed axes, polearms, two handed maces, swords, etc) could potentially be an upgrade for a hunter, on top of ranged weapons. Greedy hunters would need on all of it.

    Hell, depending on the stats, many non-agility weapons were upgrades as well. It all stems from the fact that we could use lots of weapons without needing the weapon skills to get the benefit of them, like casters (except casters had much bigger limitations on what they could use). This is of course, back when weapon skills were a thing.

    Plus, you have a plethora of hunters who never have to learn how to play the game in a more advanced way as they level, because either 1) their pet tanks everything for them, or 2) the pet does all the damage and the hunter auto shoots. There's a reason the top Ironman folks were all hunters. Then said hunters come into dungeons, don't turn off growl, do worthless damage, and have their pets still specced as tenacity. hence the "huntard" label. I leveled my first toon as a priest, and priest quest grinding back in the day was HARDDDDDDDD. Especially since you only got shadowform at level 40. You had to learn how to actually use CC and run away and drink and MC things, etc.

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    I think the "Huntard" stigma comes mostly from things that don't exist anymore. I remember running 5 mans with Hunters who would refuse to feed their pet or run out ammo and then melee things. A really stupid Hunter was quite a sight to behold. Nowadays the worst you get is people keeping Aspect of the Pack on.

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    when you meet meet any other bad played class, you probably wont notice, but when you meet a hunter with aspect and growl on, your whole group is fucked up.

    blame blizzard, who gave us a abilities which have negative impact on group/raid.

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    With any class there are bad players.
    Its the players fault, not that of the classes. The problem is with Hunters is that a bad hunter will screw you over far far more than a bad "anyotherclass".

    The ablity to ranged pull, a pet that can growl and aspect of the pack form the Triforce of Stupidity, that when in the hands of a bad player, screw over everyone.

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    Sometimes you can do good and get hated anyway. Got kicked form LFR last time cos i MD the tank and when someone ninja pulled the boss they blamed me

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    There's always bad players in every class,and sayd class gets labeled under those players performance.But seriously who cares,i play my hunter and i love it no matter what people say

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    75% of the class doesn't know how to play it. Growl on auto, Aspect of the Snare on, and most play BM so they can tame the "pretty beasts". Classically the jumping idiots in PVP, along with Mages and Warlocks (look at me, I have wings when I jump). I intentionally kill them (I PVP as survival, I think it takes more skill than BM - and typically a BM hunter is a bad, bad hunter)

    I play a hunter, I have since BC - and I hate almost every jumping BM idiot in a BG, raid, etc that I come across. The bad rep is earned.

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