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    Help with Tortos 25m

    Were calling out turtles. Burning through the bats. Kicking turtles correctly. Are there any glaring issues you guys can see with what were doing wrong? We removed the druid that kept dying to rockfall, etc. How do you guys handle the tanks and bats? Any tips you can give me? Were slowing the turtles when Call of Tortos goes out. Kicking turtles @ bats when we can afford to. I'm so sick of wiping on this guy. I feel like were so close.


    Please halp!

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    What exactly are you dying to? Quick glance at one of your longer attempts logs shows a lot of deaths from Vampiric Cave Bats and Rockfall.
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    Dont really know what I should point out. What we found out is that you can time the kicking of the turtle so it hits both Tortos and all the newly spawned turtles form underneath him. This makes the turtle dmg significantly higher which in itself results in more dps uptime on the boss. Try it if you can.
    The bats can be annoying to catch so having misdirects really helps out alot.
    Having designated people to kick for each ability also helps out, for example. one person kicks for the breaths and one for the bats. These can ofc have backups.

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    a lot of people dying to rockfall(just train it, not much to say about it... ), a lot of wipes cause of furious breath and bats...
    I compared dmg/heal with logs of my guild, we are 4/12 only, killed tortos last lockout on 5th pull after tactic change, this lockout rekilled on 3d pull...

    once everyone figures it out, its pretty simple. everyone need to avoid rockfall, or they die... you should have one spare turrtle and you should kick it through bats so they took +dmg debuff. we are stacking meeles on one side of tortos and when bats are coming out, healers ussualy run near other leg, meeles then run there to burn bats. (healers move there cause they are often taking aggro, meeles stacking on other side cause of "rockfall free bat tank place")
    ranged dps killing turtles asap, one by one.
    meele: bats>tortos
    ranged: turtles>bats>tortos
    dont stun bats if you got problem healing tank... stuns resets their meele swing timer so after stun goes off, all bats attack tank at the same time, droping him low.. if you got problems healing tank without stuns, you can try to chain stun every group, starting before quake, but you need to keep stuns on bats till you kill them then(its easier without stuns, just assing one super healer on that tank and 1-2 backup tanks, use def/heal cds for bats)..
    but you will eventualy figure out the best tactics for bats, which will suit you..

    first you really need to learn moving away from rockfall... then you will need to move while doin dmg and get better at it(compare to our progress logs, we were doing a lot more dps and healing overal with almost same guild ilvl - i checked your guild ilvl through wowprogress, not sure how your raid ilvl was - or it may be because youre not kicking turtles for bats for +dmg or not goin under 20%tortos for burn dmg? not sure)

    and if you got problem killing first turtle, meeles can help you too with that first one...

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    I was not aware of the stuns resetting swing timer. Something to mention. I was looking @ log and people have sub 5 min kill timers. I was thinking Tortos might have been living for way too long. Maybe asking ranged to focus on bats and turtles and suggesting the melee just ff tortos for the duration while cleaving onto bats. I don't know. Our logs from the week prior were riddled with rockfall deaths. We improved significantly this week and I think were right there for the kill. Sometimes the tanks just melt like buttah in a microwave when the bats come down. Maybe it is the stuns : / ill throw that up there for next week. Thanks for the tips guys.

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    Make sure you're using all the turtles. You should always be sure to have one available for the breath, but once you have a second, kick it at bats/boss/new turtles. It's free dps boost. As others have mentioned, have your boss tank sit on the right side of the boss, have your melee sit on the left with the bat tank. Help the bat tank pick up the bats via mis-directs and tricks. Melee can cleave the adds and the boss. Hitting the stacked up bats with a spare turtle shell will make them melt very quickly.

    All that said, we've been killing Tortos since week 1 and we still have occasional wipes on it or kills where we have 6 people alive. It's just one of those fights. Most our kills happen around the 6 minute mark. You should aim to kill it before 7 min as I believe that's when he starts chain spawning turtles as a soft enrage mechanic.

    Browsing your logs, your bat tank should take Dragon Roar instead of shockwave. Dragon Roar does more damage, is good snap threat, and most importantly doesn't stun the adds (resetting their swing timer as mentioned above). For comparison, our bat tank on our most recent kill log (6:21 time) had 8.5M damage done with Dragon Roar vs your tank on the 8:57 time wipe) doing 7.5M damage with Shockwave. That's considering twice as many Shockwaves since it has half the cd of Dragon Roar, plus almost 2:30 more time on the fight in your tank's favor. He's also taking quite a bit of rockfall damage as well, hard to tell if it's from taking a direct hit or just the splash damage, but something to look at. Looking at his AM use, he should be making a lot more use of Shield Block vs Shield Barrier for tanking Bats. Shield Block is 100% chance to block for 6 sec. Shield Barrier absorbs a certain amount of damage. It's almost guaranteed when taking that many adds that Shield Block will reduce incoming damage more than Shield Barrier. Your tank is also spending a fair amount of time below 350k hp as evidenced by the 3.7M in healing he did to the bats. Now that may be from the end of the wipe, but it's something to watch.
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    well, no need to rush for kill before 7 min mark.. we are killing it at about 9. minute just get used to not die... if you got no problem having one bat for every breath and bats are down before next wave of bats, there is no issue with dmg to boss... focus more on bats, turtles, rockfall then boss..

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    Hi everybody. We are also having troubles with Tortos 25. Almost every time that everything is going right (no bad turtle timings, bats dying fast, etc) our bat tank dies suddenly and combat ress aren't fast enought to fix anything (bats start killing everybody).

    We have wipped about 90 times already, you can check many logs at: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/32765/ best trys are at 5-15% mark at 8-9min.

    I know that some dps are quite bad and that makes that sometimes (about 50%) stomp comes when bats are still alive, making tank surviving quite hard, but that isn't always the cause of our wipes.
    At 20% phase should we ignore bats and nuke boss (at most cleave them) ? Tortos doesn't die before next wave of bats making it impossible to tank, it should die in one round of bats from 20% to 0%?
    We are 3 tanking it, with 5 heals.


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    3 tanks sounds a bit overkill. It will just confuse the healers, better to have 1 more healer focusing on keeping the bat tank up.

    You can have some classes put a cooldown (Ret Paladins) on the tank through stomp. I always try to get Melee to spread out at that phase.

    We Heroism at 25%, we ignore the Turtles with all DPS focused on boss (Cleave on bats). Should go down quickly. The main wipe < 25% tends to be the kicker getting knocked - so I always try to have two kickers doing that at the same time (shouting out for backup on vent will be tot late).

    Ranged on Turtles (with someone calling it out), Hunters helping on Bats, Melee Cleaving Bats.

    The Bat tank can taunt boss to get extra Vengeance just before they pick up the bats.

    The fight get's considerably easier with gear as well.

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    The extra vengeance you mean before the first wave of bats or at every wave ?

    The extra heal and just 2 tanks is what I suggested but none of those 3 tanks has good offspec gear, however I think we should try it. They decided to 3 tank it for having all cd's up on every round (they alternate each wave) but that doesn't seem to work as expected, maybe healers aren't aware enough when tanks are picking the bats.

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    We did it with 2 tanks at last ^^ Thanks.

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