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    Ele Help - Logs

    Hi, I re rolled Ele for my 10 man about 3 weeks ago. I have run Sim-C and it all looks about right. My DPS seems a bit low(to me) and was wondering if some of the more knowledgeable Ele's could look over my logs and see if I am messing anything up?

    worldoflogs - dot - com/guilds/258490/

    New here so can not post links. Armory //Name: Freakzsham //Server: US Turalyon

    Thanks in advance.

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    You should do much more dps with an ilvl of 524.
    I Just did a quick look into your Armory. And I'm quite sure Haste is above Mastery as long as you don't have T15 4set and Legendary Meta.

    You should enchant Int on your Wrists.

    I'm not really familiar with logs but I didn't really see anything
    My shaman does like 20-30k dps more with an ilvl 515
    pardon my engrish

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    Alright, I will give haste a shot then. Thanks for the reply.

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    I won't review anything but rather instead give you a tip.

    When in doubt if you ever find yourself questioning your DPS. Making use of comparebot is an awesome way to see what other players are doing differently compared to you.
    Take one of your logs, find a similar log containing an Elemental shaman around the same timeframe of your kill. So if your kill is 8minutes 42 seconds long. Try to find something within 10-15 seconds of your kill. Compare the logs and see what the differences are between you and the other Shaman. While players argue there isn't a whole lot to Elemental's rotation you can be surprised to see where you may be lacking.

    Simcraft is great, but I view comparebot as an invaluable tool.

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    Just had a quick look, your uptime for FS is really low, That should help with your Damage as well as the extra damage to Lava Burst.

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    Alright, thanks for the info. I will keep a closer eye on my flameshock. I will also take a look at comparebot. Thanks again.

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