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    GridStatusRaidDebuff on Primordius

    hello, been looking around the web for about a week or so now in search of an answer and unfortunately still haven't found one.
    As stated in the topic title I'm using Grid and am having trouble filtering debuffs on Primordius. By default, it seems as though every debuff that happens on Primordius is displayed on my center icon. This includes 'debuffs' picked up from Mutagenic Pools (thick bones, clear mind, improved synapses, keen eyesight). I'm trying to filter out these debuffs so that the icons don't appear on my raid frames. They're taking priority over every other mechanic in the encounter and I'm having trouble seeing when raid members have more relevant debuffs on them ie. volatile pathogen.
    I cannot find any of the debuffs I'm trying to filter in Grid under their appropriate names or under a debuff titled mutagenic pools. I have no idea how to filter these so they don't display on my raid frames. Not sure if I'm missing something or if I have to do it another way. I've tried updating and reinstalling the addon and it didn't seem to change anything.
    Any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated.
    thank you

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    The pools buffs/debuffs are dispellable therefore they fall under the category of magic dispellable debuffs which are enabled by default on grid.
    If you want to not see them just disable the dispellable magic debuffs indicator on grid, which is not a very elegant solution since you need to re-enable them again for further bosses that require dispelling.

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    okay, thx very much

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