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    #Archerus Son of a Lich - Down?


    Is anyone else having trouble logging into the DK chat channel
    from the main site : sonofalich . c o m?

    Where the login button used to be is now a broken element indicator that you can not click or anything.

    Its been like this a few days now , I know its not my end since I have asked others to try it too but they get the samething.

    Would appreciate any info on this.


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    The mibbit client is coming up with a few difficulties in certain regions at the moment. Coldfront's own flash server is working pretty fine.

    http://www.coldfront.net/tiramisu/ just enter your nickname and /join #Acherus on server load. Tiramisu isn't as pretty as mibbit but it's reliable.

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    Thanks for the help, these work !

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