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    Phase 1: Tank and Spank

    Phase 2: Spam Icy Touch, Death Coil, Blood Boil and Death and Decay. If you want to get your Plague Strike's disease (forget the name) just wait for an add to appear, hit them with Plague Strike then Pestilence/BB (if talented for Roiling Blood) while under Ony. Takes about 3 minutes.

    Phase 3: Tank and Spank - Fear edition.

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    don't forget, spec into deaths advance and sprint after her meleeing until she goes up - it takes a HUGE chunk out of her health. i usually save empower for this too so i can get in more hits.

    last time i did it, i think she went up and came immediately back down - lucky with crits i guess.

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    I go Frost for this fight and pop everything usually burn her into and out of her air phase straight away.

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    just save cooldowns and burst her down when she starts to go into the back and fly up, you should be able easily skip the air phase that way (as frost)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keddy View Post
    I go Frost for this fight and pop everything usually burn her into and out of her air phase straight away.
    What Keddy said, I go in as Frost (in DPS gear), launch my 'Army of Timmehs' at her.
    I then blow any CDs, when she goes to Flight Stage of fight, clear the welplings, and constantly hit her with Howling Blast, Death Coil & Outbreak.
    She'll come down quick enough, I'll Tank her at the rare of the cave and if I need a HP Boost, summon my pet & use Death Pact.

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    i did this a lot at 85 with my blood dk, best way to get her down p2 is to keep your diseases up, deathcoil and heartstrike cleave her through the elitemob by placing it directly beneath her.

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    I was doing this as 2h frost like this 5 months ago:

    Do phase 1 as normal. Right before air phase triggers -> Army -> Raise ghoul -> etc all cds. Follow ony as she's lifting off using pillar/army/km'd obliterates and you should be able to put her to the ground like 5s afterwards of her lifting off with this. I've even had her go straight to ground phase sometimes. As long as you use all your cd's as she's lifting off and have her pulled all the way to the back of the room you should have next to no hp left for air phase and redeem your loot once she's dead after that.

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    Wait, what? I soloed her as ret in cataclysm without any problems, and you can't solo her now? :S

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    If you are just trying for the mount you may as well stay on 10 man.

    I kill her every week as Frost. From pull to her demise takes 2 minutes tops. Make sure you use AMS when she fears and if you need healing use Lichborne + DC or Raise Dead + Death Pact.

    Desecrated Ground also prevents the fear.

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