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    [Holy] Looking for some advice


    I'm not a really good player but i'm trying to increase, many healers provide more heal/seconds and total healing than me and i'm trying to fix this. So i'm searching some advice about optimisation/gearing/reforging.

    I also wanna ask if some of the Hpals out here have an idea of the spirit cap for heroic throne of thunder. I know that i must choose spirit over other stats while i'm not comfortable with my mana but lately i'm trying to see if i'm out of mana because i should get more mana or because too much people take too much damage or because i'm doing something wrong.

    I cant post link but my in-game name is Elunnarya on Eu-Elune
    and the last log i have (jin rokh heroic) worldoflogs.com/reports/4ghaqpwupfbza4pl/

    Any advice would be apreciated and considerated

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