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    They will just change the numbers but keep the same tiers.

    I.E. lvl 15,30,50,65,85,95 - something like that. There really is no good division of 95 so it will look weird. Also they will probably change the talents but the number of tiers and how choosing them works will stay the same.

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    They could also just make the first talent come at 20.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Invictus9001 View Post
    ^This, Expect 95 for next expansion cap and 100 for the one after that. Stretching it out means more time to work on whatever 'reroll' ideas they may have lurking inside Blizzard HQ and do their work on 'Titan.'
    Level caps are arbitrary. They could even just increase the cap by 15 levels if they wanted to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conscious View Post
    I think a talent revamp is coming to be quite honest, especially if the expansion ends on a sour note (net subscriber loss).

    To that I would say they'd probably shoot to add some more depth, or at least feeling of meaning and growth to talent acquisition and use.
    Where do people keep getting this crap? The new talents add a lot more depth than the old ones did. We now have some wiggle room for different encounters and playstyles. I guess people just like rehasing the idea of less is less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PvPisthelifeforme View Post
    Currently the talents are flowing in the above pattern, but what will we do for the next expansion? Will they add another tier at the new level cap, or simply keep it the same to stop the rising number of spells we're attaining? Perhaps, they will do the ENTIRE THING over again? Anyone have any clues/theories/ or hopes for how talents will be handled next expansion?

    Edit: Personally, I would like to see a new tier of talents, but I would not be surprised if Blizzard did not add anything to the system.
    It all depends either all classes will get a new 95 spell or we'll get a talent choice like we did at 90. Just depends on which they feel would better define all the classes.

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    I would have to say revamp, they wanted to get away from cookie cutter builds but it didnt work, there are still stronger talents than others and some just useless talents, Im hoping for something between what we had back in cata and what we have now, maybe 2 choices instead of 3 but every 10 lvls
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    If cap is 95:
    10, 25, 40, 55, 70, 95

    If cap is 100:
    15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 100

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    I'm honestly expecting another talent tree overhaul. This one really didn't improve much if at all over the previous ones. There's still the situational talents that everyone picks; there's very little choice to be had and you're certainly frowned upon/shunned if you don't have the "accepted" talent build.

    The current talent build did nothing but make the pvp aspect of the game a ton harder to balance by distributing abilities to specs that didn't have them/need them. It also ensured that people became more focused on "talent variety" while classes and specs became more homogenized than ever.
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    Voted new tier.

    Although I secretly hope a new way of getting talents.
    I've always disliked this talent choice, doesn't nearly 'feel' as if you're involved in your character as now.
    And yes, haters, I realise this is better for balancing facts etc etc

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    I really hate the new talent system. I'm all for a revamp with more depth. ATM it is just pure contradiction. I play 3 classes for every spec of those 3 I play I am forced into probably about 70% of their talents despite blizzard saying they are down to the player. Prime example on my warlock with grimore of sacrifice (the talent that lets you dismiss your pet in favour for stats) GC recently stated you shouldn't be using this talent ONLY in rare situations, like WTF is this shit? I thought they were meant to be all viable down to player preference? NOPE you go grimore of supremacy in pretty much all pvp and pve or gtfo.

    Also you got fire mages taking frost spells, same for other classes, a real lack of anything to look forward to as you level, REALLY bland talents at 90 especially mages. Everyone still just looks up an armoury profile in pvp and copies that guys spec. On raid bosses there's some switching but I dont know if that's a bad thing. The old system was flawed but I liked it more than this one.
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    I hope they revamp it. The leveling process suffers from having a new talent so infrequently. Before, even when it was only 1 talent point per level, and often assigned arbitrarily, it was still something you got to do / spend a lot more frequently.

    That being said, I miss the old talent trees.
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    Maybe we don't get another tier of talents, but we get that Path of Titans thingy instead on the next level cap.

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    Since a talent system revamp is a tradition every expansion, time to post some ideas.

    1) Reverse talent system - based on the current system. At level 15 player picks a talent from every single tier, and every 15 levels he loses one chosen talent. At level 90 he needs to remove one of his core abilities as well. This will encourage players to make difficult decisions

    2) Capitalistic talent system - again, based on current. At level 90 every player has every possible talent for his spec, but every time he uses the skill/takes advantage of the talent. However, those talents have charges, and after they run out, you are forced to use other talents. If you use your talents recklessly, you are left without them until the talent reset, which happens once every week. The charges run out faster during raiding. However, you can replenish a small amount of charges with "Talent Orbs", found in LFR bags.

    3) Varied talent system - based on the old system. In this case, every time you pick a talent from a tree (eg. Protection), the next talent will have to be selected from one of the other trees (in this case, Arms or Fury).

    4) Talent experiance system - completly new system. Each time you kill a monster/do a quest/do anything else that awards experiance, you gain a small amount of talent experiance. You can spend the experiance at your trainer, buying talent skills and passives. To start gaining talent experiance, you must reach level cap.

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    I hope they dont change the current system. The old talent system was so freaking boring and unapealling. Oh I reached max level? Guess ill never touch that button again, boring. I find my self changeing talents on almost every hardmode , particular encounters, and most communly in pvp. I would much rather a new Tier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    Revamp. Talents were supposed to be equal, but some are still better than others in certain situations.

    Warlock T6 is an excellent example.

    Archimonde = Patchwerk style fight

    Kil'jaeden = Mimiron style fight

    Mannoroth = XT trash pull
    They don't have to revamp the entire tree just because of that. I agree that our T6 is really weird in that, all other tiers have had a theme, whereas the sixth one really doesn't.

    T1: Self healing.
    T2: Controlling your enemy.
    T3: Preventing damage.
    T4: Abilities that uses your health as a resource, and preventing damage.
    T5: Pet tier.
    T6: ??? All three are meant to somehow possibly increase your damage, but in completely different ways which means a different talent will have different strength depending on the fight. This might be intended though, just that they didn't explain it well enough.


    I like this current talent tree and don't want it changed other than balance tweaks and possibly replacement of some boring talents such as Archimonde's Vengeance (yey let's increase our DPS by standing in fire!), but the older talent systems we had in the past were utter rubbish and I don't want anything like that to return.

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    I like the new talent system setup, but there is always room for improvement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kudos View Post
    I hope they revamp it. The leveling process suffers from having a new talent so infrequently. Before, even when it was only 1 talent point per level, and often assigned arbitrarily, it was still something you got to do / spend a lot more frequently.

    That being said, I miss the old talent trees.
    Oh yey, level up, I got one extra % crit! I feel so much stronger!

    Not really... The old talent tree's were horrible. The moment you were max level you google'd your spec and then never touched it again. Everyone of the same specialization had identical talent tree's. Today when you level up you get your spells and access to new dungeons and battlegrounds instead, isn't that enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    I'd love to see a return to going to trainers to train - it helped me see what I learned and my spells got more powerful, and I'd like to see spell ranks back, too. Unofrtunately I can't think of a good way to do talent trees, but I miss them. Did I follow the "right" trees? Yeah, I did, but I enjoyed getting to put that talent in every level and seeing that little change that meant I was a bit stronger each time.
    I know what you mean. The levelling process is certainly missing something since they tweaked the talents. Especially for new players, who won't know much about what awaits them at the level cap, and can sometimes fail to see any improvement in their character as they level. For 80-odd levels, it's very much "more of the same", and I understand why the few people I've introduced to the game gave up before capping.

    I'm not sure changing the talent system is the way forward though. I'm unconvinced that WoW's problems can actually be fixed, and if they can, whether it's worth fixing them. Surely most people who would have an interest in WoW will have played it by now. They've either stopped, or are still going. Real "new players" are so rare, they're barely worth catering to. WoW's own momentum is what keeps it going. Too many changes could throw a spanner in the works, and no company that likes money wants that.

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    They can easily put the new cap into 95 (or whatever the new cap will be), I don't see a problem in that.

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    The new system isn't a fill-and-forget, and that makes it vastly superior.
    Well, unless you don't use the cheap talent switching to adapt to different bosses, or certain BGs, questing and whatnot.
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