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    Being away for quite some time, what is the state of rogues at the moment?

    Heya there community

    I have been away from the game for quite some time and i am thinking of re-enabling my prepaid time.
    One of the things that i have mostly enjoyed in the game is/was playing a combat rogue, the typical swashbuckler.

    My question is, as my lack of game knowledge kicks in here, how effective are rogues in general and of course, combat rogues in the current pve status of the game?


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    Great in both aspects of the game, PvE/PvP. Their damage in PvE is quite up there and can compete with the rest. Also, we gained a raid defensive CD through smoke bomb. Not doing too bad in PvP either. I don't PvP much, but I've heard others/seen posts saying rogues aren't doing too bad considering we were garbage at the beginning of the game.

    As far as combat goes in PvE, just like last expansion it scales very well with gear. At lower gear levels and no T15 4 pc, it's meh. Once you acquire a decent set of combat weapons and 4 pc, it's great. Almost tied with sin on single target fights. I myself acquired 4 pc and TF MH/Normal OH. My damage is comparable to sin with two normal mode daggers. I just like the quick regen and fast paced play style of combat over sin.

    All in all, play what you like. Don't play a spec if it's superior in damage over the other, but you highly dislike it. I know I could squeeze out a little more DPS as sin, but I like combat more. :P

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    I see thank you.
    I had leveled a paladin to 90 when the expansion went live and i remember it was a horrible grind.
    Is it still so, any improvements made?

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    It's still so, but your rogue has probably collected some rested xp 8)

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    From my experience of playing Rogue both PvE and PvP since vanilla, I can summarize the current situation as Decent.

    Most Rogues play Subtlety, but Assassination also works. In my opinion, Assa is more for BGs and Sub is more for arena at the moment, but that might just be my opinion. Burst is slightly better then in 5.0, but still far behind some other classes, like Ret-Paladins and Warriors. Survival is decent, but could still be a little bit improved. Mobility is pretty good now, since we can have both prep + shadowstep (alt. cloak and dagger) now. Unfortunately Cloak is no longer part of preparation, which makes spellcasters harder then ever now. Also Shuriken Toss has become popular, personally I really dislike that ability, and will never ever use it, in protest of Rogues development. We already have Three core-dps classes (mage, hunter, warlock), so please, keep the last one, Rogue, as a pure melee class. To summarize, we are not as good as previous expansions, but somewhat playable, and fixed a lot since the disaster of 5.0.

    In PvE, you can only play one specc to compete in HC modes, and that is Assassination. A big majority of Rogues play Assa, and more and more are dropping Combat, which is currently far behind. I really don't like this development, since I play Combat since vanilla, and it will always, no matter what, be my MS in PvE. They recently destroyed Blade Flurry, which add to the disappointment. However, as assassination, the DPS is great though. To summarize, great DPS as assa, poor as combat, non-excisting as sub.
    Always looking for skilled OW players to push rating!

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