View Poll Results: What login screen do you like the most?

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  • Classic

    40 25.00%
  • Burning Crusade

    68 42.50%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    30 18.75%
  • Cataclysm

    9 5.63%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    13 8.13%
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    TBC by far. Best looking and best music in background. Its a shame we cant choose wchich one we want to use.

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    Now you see it. Now you don't.

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    I'm guessing this is just for the appearance and not including the music.

    Cataclysm is my favourite in that respect.

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    WotlK. Best Expansion. Best Log-In Screen. Period.
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    For me it's the original World of Warcraft and the original theme song that does it for me.

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    Classic > TBC > MoP > WoTLK > Cata

    I'll be honest, I'm a total sucker for nostalgia. I loved the theme of the Dark Portal, since it was such a centerpiece to Warcraft 1 and 2. Vanilla had the best theme too in my opinion, while TBC serves as rather respectable runner up.

    On the other hand, seeing the laughable excuse for a main villain on the Cata screen, and the 'Flap flap RAAAAWR!' of Sindragosa really wasn't my thing. I suppose I somewhat feel that the whole dragon thing has been a little overdone after all these years. /shrug
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prokne View Post
    The key was logging in as fast as possible before she shows up. Then you only hear her when you fall asleep playing WoW and she wakes you up after being logged off for inactivity. Worst alarm clock ever.
    This was the problem... I love playing with sound. I don't know how people can play without it. I have a friend that claims he hasn't played WoW with sound in seven years?! My office has surround sound and when I would get logged out due to inactivity, I could hear Sindragosa roaring from other parts of the house. It drove me crazy.

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    TBC's had the best music and definitely fuels my nostalgia fire, but wrath's had the best visuals by far. Cata's wasn't bad, just wasn't my cup of tea. MoP's is rather pretty and the music is quite nice. I never played vanilla so I never got to experience the loading screen in its fullest.

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    Got the best memories of the Wrath one since I played most there.
    So I guess that would be my pick

    also racing the dragons roar was sort of fun ... 8D

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    That dragon... My ears! >.<

    My favorite is the classic one with BC as second. I just love how in the background everything is all dead and silent, but when you look through the portal you see all matters of life, and a path leading from the portal away to distant lands and adventures...

    The Wrath and Cataclysm login screens can go and drown themselves in the ocean. Especially Wrath's. Would have been so much better seeing the Lich King sitting in his throne all quiet like, holding Frostmourne in one hand, as snow and wind passes by. There was even someone who animated this, but I don't recall where I saw it. =/

    Pandaria login screen works, but it's really nothing special.

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    Wrath's would be good if not for that bloody dragon.
    Cataclysm's was generic.
    Pandaria's was a bit better, but still nothing special.
    The Burning Crusade is the best simply because it feels like a grander and more epic version of Vanilla.

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    Wrath, the login race before the dragon lands and roars bloody murder was funny. :P

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    I think the TBC one looks the best, and log in screens doesn't have to be animated, like the Wrath one it was rather annoying with the dragon but I loved the music, same with Cata.

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    I liked a lot of the screens they later rejected but out of what was chosen TBC.
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