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    Blood Legion US First 10man Ra-den! Grats

    Go Blood Legion!

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    10man you say?

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    Yeah we only got 10 ach spams.

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    Just saw in chat, grats to them :P

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    Surprised BL would do it in 10 man, but seeing as how WF has already been claimed, and everyone is saying it is nothing but a big gear check, I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to take BL's 10 best geared people and throw a few attempts at it once they have already learned the fight.

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    Really ? Wow that's disappointing.
    Anyways grats I suppose ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseyGuy View Post
    Yeah we only got 10 ach spams.
    there is an achievement spam limit in the chat log so it could have been 25. have to check though.
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    Okay than maybe its 25man! either way Grats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whoranzone View Post
    Really ? Wow that's disappointing.
    Anyways grats I suppose ?
    What's disappointing about it?

    Awesome job BL imo.

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    The achv spam thing only spams 10 times no matter if it was killed on 10 or 25.........

    Also check wowprogress it says they killed it on 25.
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    Rigg on his monk again
    <carried> US-Alliance

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    One of these days we'll see a video of this guy.

    One day...

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    And here I was hoping the "BL went 10m" nonsense would be kept to Illidan's TOT chat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistahwilshire View Post
    What's disappointing about it?
    I don't see how a 10 man kill wouldn't have been anything but disappointing for a 25 man raid. Luckily it seems not to be the case though.

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    There is already a World First thread in this forums. Please post your congratulation there. No need to make a whole new topic.
    Closing thread.
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