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    Blood Elf and Draenei to receive Model Update?

    Was it ever clarified if the two Burning Crusade races were going to receive model updates? It was my understanding Blizzard said the Classic races, would they grandfather the BC races in, or will they be the new outdated models?

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    Burning Crusade races will remain outdated for a little while after the Classic ones get the update.

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    Thank you!

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    Hopefully that means that they are going to do them even if it comes out a little later than the others. BE and Draenei models are closer to the classic races quality than the newer ones. He didnt say how they were going to release the new models though. Saying there is a list implies it will be a few at a time. I think I would prefer all at once.

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    Yes, after Vanilla.

    Blood Elves and Draenei have -slightly- better models than Vanilla (hardly noticeable) but enough that Blizzard isn't going to put a 'new racer' before any of the Vanilla races.

    If they didn't update the BC races and they put Vanilla races up to Pandaren standards, Draenei and Blood Elves would stand out horribly.

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    As a player that mainly plays Blood elves and Draenei, I'm not too bothered. Even if they are closer to poly count to Vanilla models, they are far better animation and design wise. There are some issues of clipping and the lack of neck on the draenei male, but overall, the BC models have aged very, very graciously.

    I do hope they get updated eventually, but they aren't near as in dire need of the update as the vanilla ones.

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