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    [Quick Question] - Trinkets - LFR 502 Wushoo / LFR 502 Cha-Ye / Valor 522 SPA (2of3)?

    Hi im pretty confused as what combination i should be using. Right now currently using the 502 Cha-ye and 522 SPA.

    Would any other combination be a dps boost? Please help, thanks.

    Frost spec*
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    1. Download Simcraft.

    2. Use Simcraft.

    3. Your question is answered!


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    And according to simcraft we should all go as arcane... yep, right.

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    Whusho is BiS, and the valor trinket is very good for frost. Cha-ye is for fire spec

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    Quote Originally Posted by blaxter View Post
    And according to simcraft we should all go as arcane... yep, right.
    And according to SimC, All 3 Mage speccs are #1, yet we're not topping every fight. Odd.

    SimC is broken for Mages because it uses all our L90 talents at 100% uptime. It's over-valuing them like mad.
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    Knowing who dps the mosts and what gear is the best isnt the same thing.

    You clearly can't trust simcraft for who's the best dps. But you can use it to know which pieces of gear are optimal. In that case, the question as already been answered, and there's lots of otherways to have a result. (AMR being one)

    I guess the difference is minimal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lohe View Post
    If you're semi-hardcore or semi-casual what's the other half? To me, they're both the same thing.
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