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    Question When should I go fire?


    I'm just curious when I should attempt going fire. As of right now I am frost, but my ilvl and gear is slowly improving. I've heard that fire gets better the more gear you get and frost doesn't scale well with gear. I rather not switch too early pay for all the new gems, enchants and risk doing bad in raid so this is why I'm curious. I prefer fire over arcane too, because arcane was terribly boring and TERRIBLE for movement.

    Just curious what you think or know
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    Not nearly enough crit stay with frost, to give you a little idea i was at 38% crit with just MA/INT and still found at times i would go chain fireballs without getting a HU proc.

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    I would say at least 36% crit self buffed. And even then frost is pretty competitive with fire on most fights. You properly want 38%+ before it really starts pulling ahead.

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    I imported your character to chardev and quickly switched to crit gems and reforges, I didn't do it very accurately (15.3% hit), but could still get your mage to around 27% crit unbuffed, that would mean around 37% crit selfbuffed, which is enough for fire, however I did ignore some 60int socket bonuses just to gem more crit, that is probably a slight dps loss, but I would still recommend doing it to reduce problems with RNG.
    You have to remember that fire dps varies a lot depending on your luck, sometimes you will do more than you would do as frost, sometimes less, on average probably slightly more than frost. If you like fire over frost that will probably affect your dps a bit as well.
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    you could switch now, but id wait till you get chan-ye's trinkit off animus. Maybe a better wep too

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    I would wait just a little bit more, trinket off animus will help and 4set will help your combustion generation.

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