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    Text Dissapeared In Chat And Quests.

    Hi guys,

    i had no idea where to post this so im doing here in interface, im having a little issue which is some text wont appear in chat and some text wont appear in quest log like for example this image i just posted,

    Any idea what this is?

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    Anyone have any idea?

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    In that case I believe that the quest objective descriptions or names are not present.
    So while the game will recognise when the objectives are met, it cannot retrieve what they are called or described as.
    Seems specific quests are affected, that same quest for me so I believe it to be a per-quest problem.

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    This must be some bug or whatever in wow because it also happens when i loot some items the name doesnt appear in chat or even is venders some items dont have the names on them.

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    This is another example on what kind of bug it is.

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    Nobody knows what this might be?

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    As described above it is simply a bug with specific quests or lootable objectives.
    There is nothing we can do about it ourselves as far as I am aware.

    You can still complete that quest just fine.

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