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    - New Server Structure.

    - Visable Gear Damage.

    - Hard Modes of Old Raids that Scale your iLevel.

    - Levels removed & replaced by iLevel Caps. (Only way to raise your iLevel to the next Cap is to finish a big Questline,
    Almost like your leveling from (60 - 70 - 80 - 85 - 90) that also has of its own little questlines in these new zones.

    - To Enter Raids you need to do a special Scernario thats tests you & gives you understanding of what to expect in the Raid.

    - Legendaries are something you work towards & only the very best & most dedicated can get them.

    - Updated World thats follows the Lore (Outland, Northrend).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skorpionss View Post
    how about move like a normal dev should and not like they've been known to... I mean damn they probably have one of the slowest dev teams in the industry(it took them 3 fuckign years to make a sc2 expansion... 3 years... and yeah I know it's not the same team as WoW one but still same company, same philosophy)...
    A normal dev team doesn't put in half as much work as Blizzard does, either. Nor could they afford to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcureanddisease View Post
    --LFR Loot rule change--
    So the random looting is still in effect with this idea BUT the difference is the gear is tradeable. So the Ninja-ing will be taken care of as well as the "Damn i dont need this crap I already got 2 im gonna vendor it" thing, when someone else can actually use it. Its a win/win.
    I don't think tradable is good - but maybe the option to refuse gear and the loot system could magically give it to another eligible player (or maybe the # of loot refusals on the first boss increases everyone's chances of getting loot on the following boss by a small percentage?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcureanddisease View Post
    Ok im gonna say this. Blizzard, I am very upset about where you left Ony. She's beautiful. She's stuck in that tiny little cave.
    Since when is BWD a SMALL cave? Shes dead for the 3rd time and as we all hope for good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeror View Post
    -- Custom Guild Crest --

    I'd like the option to set up a custom guild crest instead of choosing from a couple pre-defined images. You see many great guilds having their logo, with this they can use their logo ingame as well. Import would go with a transparant GIF or PNG image.

    -- Wardrobe/clothes hanger system --

    The ability to create a gearset from a couple of items and combine it into a 1 slot item instead of still having like 18-20 items separately in your pockets for each set.

    I agree with both of these ideas, that would be great. I'd also like to see more guild themed gear too. Perhaps a shoulder piece maybe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ciddy View Post
    More options on character creation. Specifically, things like body type, height, etc. Within reason, so you couldn't make like a 7-foot gnome, for example. Different body types so that the players of the same race weren't all the exact same heights and builds would be cool though.

    Yes, this very much so! I'm hoping that with the updated models they're working on that they introduce a good number more of options, and with sliders to manipulate them. It's a standard feature in character customizing these days, it would be nice to see it in WoW.

    Other ideas I've often thought about... I wouldn't mind if they actually retired some of the old vanilla dungeons and add a couple of new ones in their place. Even with the reworking they got in Cata, their stories are largely unchanged and outdated for the current world. Closing some down for good wouldn't be such a bad thing, so long as new ones were in place somewhere to fill the level range gap the previous one filled.
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    I want to buy a map that unlocks flight paths for my alts...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otiswhitaker View Post
    Oh! Speaking of, I'd like to see them give BONUS XP for group questing, rather than LESS XP. As it is now, it's actually an extreme detriment to quest with people to the point that it makes it painfully slow. At the very least, at this point in time, with how so few people want to quest together, they could at least make it the same XP as questing by yourself.
    Have you grouped with anyone while leveling in Pandaria? You get bonus xp while killing mobs in a group. It even pops up in your chat pane saying "XP, Bonus XP"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archdruid Dehydrate View Post
    - New Server Structure.
    What sort of structure would you like?

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    Lets face it....dailies arent going away, so it would be nice to see them incorporate/merge the single queue scenarios into dailes somehow. Make scenario objectives count as 1 daily, so having 5 objectives equal 5 dailes. Just wishful thinking. /sigh

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