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    Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen LFR

    Just got this trinket in LFR, wanting to know how good it is for demo. Also would anyone happen to know the spell ID of the proc? Trying to set up my ExtraCD to track it.

    Also I know that the proc name is "Perfect Aim"

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    I got it. No idea how to delete this post tho!
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    Did you just ask if UVLS is good for Demo?

    YES!!! I believe the LFR, Normal and Heroic versions are all BiS over all other trinkets, so.... enjoy your Army of Imps

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    aye, any version of the lei shen trinket is BiS for demo, so even the lfr version is a very solid trinket for you. it does take a different way of playing from what ive read, since you will be using the proc for Doom, so you'd need to go into meta and cast 100% crit doom as each time doom crits you spawn an imp for more dmg and more fury etc.

    i dont know its spellID but i do know that there is weak aura code for it in the weak aura thread that ive used to make a tracker for it in weak aura.

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    Almost legendary trinket for demo imo.

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