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    Thrall's fate in 5.3 (big spoilers)

    so off goes Thrall, alone, to Orgrimmar, to find orcs like him to rise up against Garrosh. Vol'jin tells him that its suicide.

    what this tells us is what we know already: most orcs follow Garrosh now. What will make them turn against their new Warchief? What could Garrosh do to disquiet the average orc and make them think, "'well shit".

    The answer is obvious, but will Thrall really die? Would thrall's death be the turning point for the average orcs?

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    He can't die...he's thrall 0o

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    I would be very impressed with the story if they killed Thrall off. As of now and from the Cata feeling, whenever I see his character it's a 'oh nothing bad is gonna happen Thrall is here to save the day'. I miss WC3 to mid WOTLK Thrall. Not this one we have.
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    He should totally die. How great would that be? Completely out of left field.

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    YES PLEASE. KILL THRALL OFF. We need something of real significance in this game.

    Theramore getting bombed? Yea no, Jaina was fine. Ronin's death? Super minor character within the game world. Trials of the High King? Varian was already considered to be the leader of the Alliance by most players. Thrall's and Garrosh's deaths together would be HUGE.
    Quote Originally Posted by High Overlord Saurfang
    "I am he who watches they. I am the fist of retribution. That which does quell the recalcitrant. Dare you defy the Warchief? Dare you face my merciless judgement?"
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    I really can't see him dying. Too important of a character. I don't think we'll see him as a warchief either.

    I think we'll be going in to the Siege of Orgrimmar to rescue him for Garrosh. Which will be a trap.

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    There are only two options left for Thrall, as well as Etrigg and Saurfang,

    1) They become bosses in SoO. Good chance Garrosh will be experimenting/torturing them. Whether or not theyll be redeemed is unknown atm.
    2) They are/were killed during/before 5.4.

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    Thrall will probably not become a boss in SoO, thrall's story is pretty much over. He's had his ups and his downs. We went over his emotional rollercoaster in 4.2 He's having a baby. He's saved the world, the world is almost healed. His story is over. It's his time to pass, no longer will green jesus be around to save the day, just like the dragons went mortal it's thralls time to pass on as a legend.

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    I think Thrall is going to roll up and smash face, obviously Garrosh will escape to RFC and do something but the Orcs have to have a leader in this rebellion, it obviously won't be Garrosh.

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    Well, it wouldn't make sense for Thrall and Garrosh both to die. Sure, there are other Orcs of semi-importance but it wouldn't be the same anymore.

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    Yes, kill him then resurrect him, cementing the "Green Jesus" moniker.

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    Somehow I can't see him getting out of there unharmed... Either mind control or something to make him a baddie for a bit, severely wounding him or of course, death... I kinda do and do not want him dead... I don't cuz I like Thrall, I want him back in the Horde and be awesome, but I kinda do wanna see him gone just cause it would be a major "OH DAYUM!" moment.

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    Pssssh. He's not going to die. At worst, he's going to die for your sins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenosege View Post
    Would thrall's death be the turning point for the average orcs?
    Actually, I think most Orcs would STILL follow Garrosh even if he killed Thrall in some kind of freak occurance. Garrosh inspires the Orcs, Thrall is too human for most of them.

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    Metzen loves Thrall too much. Thrall won't die.

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    No clue. I would like to bring up the months that we thought Anduin was going to die in 5.2. You can't really tell those things.

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    Even if he does die, we all know he will use Ankh on 10% of Garrosh's health.

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    If Thrall died, I'd praise Blizzard's story telling. However, I doubt he will.

    This is not because I hate him, moreso because I think it would make a good story. I wanted him to die during the Deathwing fight too, but heroes never die in WoW. (well, they at least turn evil before they die)
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    Quite a big character will die in SoO, almost sure of that but I sadly doubt it will be Thrall, it could be an awesome move to kill him off to be honest (I don't like him anyways as much as I used to back then and it seems like many share this thought), or he will die then Ankh or something pathetic... Think Saurfang will show up and die with Garrosh, also bad but oh well

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    he will go in Ogrimmar and challenge Garrosh on Mak'Gora to finish what they started and die..

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