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    Question How to Obtain Honor Points Quickly

    Hey guys,

    Recently I rolled an Undead Subtlety Rogue specifically for PvP. I'm not doing any quests right now (or in the near future for that character), so he is level 14. I have been playing Alterac Valley for a while now (as of the time of this writing, I am on my sixth match on that map), and to be honest; just getting 300 Honor Points is taking ages, which would mean that getting even 2175 Honor Points just to purchase the cheapest piece of Honor Gear (from what I can see) for my level is going to take eternity, so the whole set is going to take months of play at this rate. I never was a keen PvPers (in fact, this is my first time ever actually trying to do PvP). Please help.


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    the whole idea is for it to take time to gear your character up.
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    You are level 14. Ofc you are getting low honor.
    Just quest until you are 90 then farm BGs

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    Get some BoA gear is all I can suggest. Honor gear at that level simply isnt worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rakash View Post
    You are level 14. Ofc you are getting low honor.
    Just quest until you are 90 then farm BGs
    Pretty much this. You are not going to get 4k honor anytime soon. Even if you keep winning over and over. You don't even get the bonus honor for the first win of the day at that level, even then its only like 40honor.Heck, I have a ard time getting enough honor for the honor gear in the slots I can't get heirlooms. That's by doing tons of bg's. You are better off only doing bg's much later on "Think 60+" for practice. You wont be farming enough honor for any gear anytime soon.

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    I wonder what would take longer... grinding the 4k honor cap at level 14 or getting a fresh 90 in full honor gear...
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    Alright, thanks everyone for the insight.

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    Blizzard has done an effective job of smushing the easy grind for any currency except whatever the highest PvE token is at a given time.

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    I thought at level 14 you could only do WSG and AB, wonder how he managed 6 games in AV?

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    Here is what you do. You leave the battlegrounds, you level up via faster ways, ie: questing and dungeons (you can even get ran through them!). You get to 90. You get a group of four other people. Then you spam heroics. Sit your character in Stormwind/Orgrimmar at the Cataclysm trade vendors, and buy honor with your justice points. Yes, it is that fast.

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