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    How did it feel to be free of a "constant" need to sign on during raid days.
    Well, progression raids are the same of any other responsibilites. And is good to get that time free. Sometimes you feel something is missing that time you were raiding when you don't have nothing to do.

    Why did you quit?
    I was bored about being stuck in progression. My raid group is made of real life friends and some of them give a f*ck about the meaning of "progression raiding". Most of them just want to have fun and, consequently, don't care about learn how to play and to improve your playerskill. This leads to a bad time raiding, when you just fail at a boss because people just don't understand simple mechanics or simply forget that they're raiding with other players.
    After that, I saw that WoW raiding was nothing more than do the same thing over and over.

    What do you do now that you stopped raidiing?
    Go out with the same friends of my raiding core (they left WoW too) and spend more time doing other activites, spending my time with my family, etc.

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    I stopped raiding after the first tier of this expansion, it just felt like a chore. We raided 2 days a week and it was usually on a weekend. We managed to 10/16 heroic before everybody called it quits before 5.2 came out.

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    Great stories guys

    So far so good, getting back into pvp. Still love the game myself just that specific part of the game just grew out of me i guess.

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    I too quit progression raiding

    It was becoming too stressful on my personally life and i much prefer to spend my nights in a bar than banging my head against a wall in progression

    Now i just play BGs, LFR to gear my alts and soloing

    I find it so much more relaxing to play at my own pace and i guess i just dont care for the willy waving of showing off my latest gear to noobies anymore

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    Raiding really was the only thing that kept me playing for as long as I did. Sure I did a bunch of other things in between raids, but if it wasn't for raiding, I would've quit years ago. It rarely felt like a burden to log in for raids. With that said though, it was surprisingly nice to have so much "free time" suddenly. I "quit" just a couple of weeks before the MoP pre-patch came out so we didn't have any live realm raids, apart from the usual 2-3 hour DS clear, but there were some beta tests still going on so raiding did still take quite a bit of time.

    The reason why I quit was simply lack of time. I had a pretty tight schedule at school and I just couldn't play as hardcore as I used to. After ~3 months, when most of my courses for the fall had already ended, I started to feel like playing a bit again. Leveled to 90, started the reputation grinds and so on, participated on a couple of alt runs and it was pretty enjoyable. After the new year, an even deadlier schedule caused me to drop the alt raids too for a few months. I just didn't have enough energy.

    Now I have a lot lighter schedule and I've been joining the alt raids for a few weeks, and so far I'm liking it. As much fun as I had when I was still a hardcore raider, I doubt I'm going back to that. It's still a possibility but an unlikely one. Instead I spend that time doing whatever I feel like doing or if I must, doing school projects.
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    only reason I haven't done proper raiding this expansion is every tier so far has come out during my exam period so I had to revise so no raid time. Because of that by the time I'm able to raid, my guild don't have a space for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnydruid View Post
    How did it feel to be free of a "constant" need to sign on during raid days.
    How did you go about leaving your raid team/stopping
    Why did you quit?
    What do you do now that you stopped raidiing?
    fantastic. i never realised how stressed i was getting about the whole organised raiding thing until i finally walked away from it. i felt bad about leaving the team behind, but at some point you do have to be selfish about it; the whole raiding thing was making me irritable, and i was taking it out on the people around me. that wasnt the only reason to quit, i felt that the whole ethos of WoW had changed, it was feeling increasingly like a money grab to me. there never seemed to be enough ways to charge their players, they always had to try and find one more.

    interestingly, i have had 34 free playing days given to me by Blizzard since i left. which is 34 more than they gave me in the 6 years i was playing (if you ignore free days because the servers were down for extended periods). seems that they treat ex players WAY better than they treat the current ones they take for granted.

    these days i play Rocksmith (finally a game i can look at my "played" and be proud of) and GW2. i still love the notion of MMOs, but for me any MMO that has either an explicit of implicit attendance requirement like WoW does is not for me. these days my game playing gets organised around my life, not the other way around.
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    I'm decided to quit a few weeks ago actually.
    Simply because my past guilds are beneath my level imo.
    And there is just no recruitment for dks, always boomkin or warlocks atm.
    It's not that I don't like the game, but I've been looking for a good raiding guild since mid-cata and the longest I stayed in a guild was 2-3 months.
    It's just not happening and re-roll is not an option.

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    grew out of it. normal raiding was too hard to me. thank god for LFR

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    How did it feel to be free of a "constant" need to sign on during raid days.
    For me it felt so much better knowing I can log on and just do what I want to do and log off when I like..

    Why did you quit?
    I quit because I had just had enough of raiding now.. I don't even do lfr.. I have raided since end of Vanilla until ToT and sort of just broke down.. Was almost starting to fear logging in on raid nights if that makes sense.

    What do you do now that you stopped raiding?
    Spend a hell of a lot more time on real life now and I enjoy wow when I play a whole lot more too, Just doing pvp levelling alts and such

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