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    Any shaman should be able to do it easily with ghostwolf + stone bulwark + shamanistic rage
    I thought about using stone bulwark (since it's only a 1 min CD), instead of the 2 min astral shift, but since SB is an absorb, you'd have to pop it just before the wind storm.

    Either way, shaman have great tools for surviving wind storm.

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    Tornado passes - Move Forward.
    Stop moving let tornado pass - Move Forward.
    Stop moving let tornado pass - Move Forward.

    You can pretty much move in a straight line, let initial tornado pass and pretty much wait for every 2nd tornado path to be open then move forward.
    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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    Have the 5 people who fail the most take the portal, not necessarily all 3 healers.
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    When a homeless person is rambling in the streets, it's better to ignore them than argue with them. On the internets it's clearly better to spend an entire week proving them wrong.

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    Tank: DK and Warrior
    Healer: Disc, Druid and Shaman
    Dps: Enhanc. Shaman, Pally, Warlock, Mage and Hunter.

    To facilitate this:
    Warlock portal on 3 healers as well as the shaman and paladin or hunter. Tanks have high survivability, they can afford to mess up to a tornado or two (unless they seriously are lagging so hard that they can't move out at all). The mage has blink, the hunter can disengage to help if he's smart about it, and the warlock has demonic circle: teleport.
    Also, the disc priest can use life grip to get someone out if he is struggling.

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    People got 200ms QQ about ping and people got 350ms doing it without any complain . Our grp don't have a lock and people have to run out by themselves. Wait until a tornado pass by in front of you and run that all, pop some cooldown if you have to wait too long. Warrior can use heroic leap, druid, mage can blink. Let 5 people always fail take portal, other who have confident run out by their own that all. Practice make perfect don't blame 200ms cause people with 400ms can do it fine

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