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    weakaura help

    I was using Poweraura for a long time but after the release of TOT it stopped working for me, even after reinstalling trying a million other shit it didn't help.

    Anyway, I decided to try weakauras and it's all good and neat, but one thing that really annoys me, if the game sound is mute you will not hear any notice from your procs/we, while in power aura my game was always muted yet I heard every thing!

    how to fix?


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    ok :::::::::: i found out :-)

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    In case it proves useful to other players, since you found out the solution to your issue could you please post the solution here.

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    Probably turning Master Sound up but everything else down. Thats how it works for me.

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    The solution is when you set the sound event in the Actions tab, you set the selection of the "Sound Channel" dropdown box to "Master".

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    You turn Master Sound UP to 100% and turn down Sound/Music/Ambience to 0%.

    That's how it worked for me!

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