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    BlizzCon Tickets

    So I don't know if this is the right section or not but if it isn't just move it ^^

    I wanted to ask in preparation for Saturday if after I press Buy Now on the home page can I change how many tickets I want to order at Checkout or do I need to use the drop down menu?

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    I bought 4 tickets yesterday and originally entered the queue for 1. You CAN change it once you're through the queue.

    Just to stave off any ill will also, No I'm not selling any of my tickets either. They're for friends who didn't manage to get through the queue.

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    You can do this, and I absolutely recommend that you enter the queue as fast as you can requesting 1 ticket. The single second or two spent managing the drop down tab to change the number of tickets WILL cost you a halfway decent position in the queue (the difference between myself and a guildy who didn't understand the urgency was 14000 positions in line). Good luck and godspeed on saturday if you intend to go for tickets
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    Thanks for the help I know what do do now for Saturday! Hopefully see you guys there!

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