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    AV Turtle as Alliance

    I need to farm HK. What is the easiest way to force an AV turtle as an alliance player?

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    Tape stonehearth graveyard back and every other graveyard closer to the Alliance base. Will make all the Horde respawn very far in the back.

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    my advice? deck your hunter in full heirlooms and do 45>89 av's there allways a reinforcemence based game. and before your from 10>44 go wsg go to there base at the back of there gy and shoot a few mofos everytime they respawn:P

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    Alliance turtles in AV? I've personally never been a part of an alliance Turtle. Back in cata however, you used to be able to use AV enabler to premade queue into AV, but blizz has shut down all premade possibilities in mop.

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    Defend Balinda, keep horde from capping GYs.
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