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Indeed. In the end the Legion first and foremost chased Velen because Velen was the one they felt betrayed them, so if there were others left behind and not in their path they might miss them. Guess we'll find out one day.

You know, that's what I thought of Northrend too. I mean the Scourge, the one to conquer countless kingdoms... yet when we got there, excluding the landing parties, there's also: taunka, dragons, vrykul non-alligned with the Lich King, earthen, the seal guys, forgat their name, there's Scholazar Basin that was barely breached recently... and it's like 2 feet from Icecrown! I mean what has the Lich King been doing for 6 years since he became Lich King? Build a massive fortress, ok, what else? Nothing?
the lich king was actually sleeping for the majority of wow, he woke up near the end of bc and started doing things before that he wasnt capable of doing much and it was mostly his underlings that made all the big choices

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Reading the thread. I find it weird that no factions on Azeroth (even the draenei), see no gain in capturing the Tempest keep fleet for themselves in order to travel the cosmos.
lorewise both tempest keep and the exodar are functioning and under alliance control