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    Revert all changes made to it after TBC launch. Can also be applied to the rest of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny212 View Post
    Revert all changes made to it after TBC launch. Can also be applied to the rest of the game.

    So brave.

    Seriously, this is the most controversial opinion I've ever heard on this site.

    "Does anyone else think Vanilla was the best, when 2/3 specs for any given class were inviable and boss mechanics were comparable to what we have in Scenarios now to make it accessible to people that barely knew how to play the game?"

    Game's largely changed for the better, look past rose tinted glasses.

    .......... That said I do agree about AV.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Take out NPC's totally. Make the bunkers, towers and graveyards take 30 seconds to cap either way...15 minutes to destroy on towers / bunkers. Make the reinforcements start at 10000. + 50 percent honor gained in Field of strife.

    That would be pretty sweet.

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    Turn it into a zone like Planetside and remove the end bosses/resources. Never ending PVP, maybe add a slowly increasing buff to the team that's losing to avoid 24hr GY camping.

    How about something to encourage teamwork? I like the idea of 5v5 in a world PVP style environment with lots of other friendly/hostile 5man teams.
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    no time limit, reinforcements and all bosses inside removed. Change towers into capture points, you need to hold at least 6/8 for 5 minutes to win. Would promote teamwork as people would lose if they would screw defending their part of the map.

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    Dial it back to the way it used to be.
    I have not done an AV for a while but when I was last there it was most rewarding to avoid the enemy team. Now that there are lots and lots of battlegrounds to choose from and cross realm at that, bring on the 6+ hours AVs again

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    Make it about honorable kills and objectives rather than rushing to the last boss. I want it back to the old days :-)

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    I think AV would be a good bg to turn into a Realm vs Realm kind of thing. Remove resources, make towers take much much longer to cap, make vann/drek/galv/bal have much more health to the point that you need at least 100 people with all 4 towers down. You would also need to make the map itself much larger. If not that I would just bring AV back to vanilla days...

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    Nostalgia or not, a lot of people agree old AV was a lot better. I have played WoW for about 4-5 years and can count the amount of epic battles and boss summons on two hands. I can't offer a solution as I have not thought of one, but the BG its self is biased towards Horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhaveros View Post
    Nostalgia or not, a lot of people agree old AV was a lot better. I have played WoW for about 4-5 years and can count the amount of epic battles and boss summons on two hands. I can't offer a solution as I have not thought of one, but the BG its self is biased towards Horde.
    Most Horde will say it's biased towards the Alliance, particularly when it comes to zerg v. zerg. What makes you think it's tilted in the Horde's favor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grumpyoldman View Post
    Anyone here ever played LotRO? So here's my idea: make Alterac Valley an actual zone in Eastern Kingdoms, and make it work like LotRO's Ettenmoors. Ongoing pvp battles with no ending.
    it is a zone its near south shore called alterac mountains all the bg's are based off a zone you had to go to those areas back in classic before BG queing was implemented.

    to improve av they should just remove reinforcements thats what ruined it

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    Well I would start by making the map a bit more fair towards the horde. The bridge and the bunkers at the alliance base make rushing the alliance base early on much more difficult than it is to rush the horde base. So at the very least I would change it so crossing the bridge isn't as dangerous, and make the bunkers similar to the towers so that guards cant shoot and interrupt you while capping.

    So my changes would be basic and only for the sake of fairness, BUT I do think that blizzard is happy the alliance has at least one BG that has a slightly higher alliance win ratio, because most statistics point to the horde having a higher win ratio in most other BGs, especially the older 10m ones.

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    I never got to do much PVP before TBC hit so i missed alot of the 1-2 hour/day long fights in AV. However i did play it back then and it was so much better than the current zerg fest we have now. Alterac Valley used to be THE battleground, now it is despised like some of the newer maps (strand) etc.

    Revert AV back to the way it was in Vanilla, with the roaming elites, no reinforcements and definately no bloody timer like we had added to other BG's. Remove it from the random BG pool and let those that want to fight in mid, fucking do so.

    Add the quest givers to the starting caves or just use that auto quest pop-up for those that have not yet done them.
    Make it easier to recall to your base for the hand-ins used to summon the flyers, ram/wolf riders and the summonable bosses in the field of strife.

    Speaking of the summonable bosses, whenever the Horde have us pinned on our base bridge or in our base itself, i LOVE to get someones attention and head to where the 5 elite Night Elves are and laugh as they charge into battle. So funny that not many people know those elites are there.

    So yeah, bring back the old AV and i will see you Horde in mid

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    Before any mechanic changes, make the starting caves and Bal/Galv gates face the same way for each faction at all. Make the horde cave above their town and turn Galv around. Maybe the town designs uniform too....

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    I would change nothing. Personal experience, but this one is pretty much 50/50. Horde wins most of the time for the other BG, except for isle of conquest where I see alliance winning it mostly.

    Must be pretty darn close to balanced if Blizz is no longer talking about balancing it like they had in the past...

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    make actually about PvP and not just a raid where PvP is optional. Even though Im alliance please balance it so we dont always win. Just as it gets old losing every time the same goes for winning every time.

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    PURGE IT!! i dont like PVE mixing with my PVP

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    AV is not meant to be done in <20 minutes, but that's the theme for battlegrounds these days (when was the last time you summoned the big boss guys? ) I'd love it if they put more emphasis on the smaller side quests, but that'd mean a longer BG, which is something that I'd love, but many won't.

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    -Buff the generals so you have to kill Galv/Balinda in order to down them or they hit too hard and have too much HP and so zerging them isn't an option until the final tier of the expansion, if at all.
    -Rotate balinda's room so the door faces south, to match galv's shich faces north for easier entry.
    -Raise the height of the pickett fence in the Horde base. Alliance base has one entry over the bridge (which is through a mountain pass) but you can easily jump the fence to get into the Horde base from any angle.
    -Increased honor gained from defending towers and bunkers
    -Increased honor from destroying/capturing bunkers and towers
    -Completing the objectives such as defending or capturing towersand graveyards gives you a buff that makes you have more HP, or do more damage and healing.
    -Lower the amount of materials needed to summon the cavalry, air support and the ultimate unit (ice lord/tree lord).

    Can't recall the last time I ever saw an AV played the way it was suppose to be played.
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