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    Remove reinforcements and it becomes once again the best Battleground in WoW history.

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    Remove the possibility of a zerg. Cause that is the only way now to win this thing.
    This is how I normally lose in AV as horde:
    Before the battle some individuals calling out for taking and retaking key targets. Some people do exactly that.... And while Horde is busy capturing and recapturing the few targets a small alliance group took, the main force of the Alliance simply zergs the boss, game over..
    If you wanna play the target game, you must build a defense line.
    One way to help with an difficulty increase for a zerg would be to treat the NPC's more like players. Right now, once in the boss room, I switch to my PVE gear, since it's more powerful in fighting an NPC. Take that away.
    Include some mechanics that makes the items gathering and sub boss spawning viable again. It seems like the thresholds are still the same as they were in Vanilla when tons of players turned materials in. Lower that amount, and it gives a higher chance to spawn them, and with that a higher need to prevent that.

    The map itself is fine. Just tweak and change some outdated mechanics.

    Another thing I notice so often... Horde seems to have a notorious lack of tanks in AV.
    The announced changes may help at least with that problem... Nothing more frustrating than outpacing the Alliance, being ready to attack, just to stand there watching them catch up and losing due to the lack of tanks.
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    ^ If there weren't reinforcements both teams would have the option to defend, which would avoid zergs.

    With reinforcements every defense scenario turns into which team is the most coordinated: the defenders, to kill more attackers and keep more of themselves alive, or the attackers, to bull-rush through the defenders and hold their base towers enough to ensure a victory or clear the GY zone and kill the General (the latter is the best case scenario, it usually just turns into a reinforcements grind).

    Before reinforcements zergs were a rarity.

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    Seems like people are in agreeance. Something needs to be done.

    When the changes were made to Alterac Valley we only had a few battlegrounds. The game has evolved a fair bit since then but one thing I really miss is large scale BGs.
    I'd really like to see a few changes made and a lot of them have been mentioned here that promote PVP.

    I'm sad about the current state of AV. So much so I have it blacklisted. I don't dislike it. Its just played poorly... same as IoC.

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    I think the easiest way to improve AV is to have a graveyard-location-selection similar to wintergrasp.
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    I agree with the idea that the bosses shouldn't spawn before enough resources are gathered to make them appear. The resources being taking the towers and the item turn-ins that used to actually MATTER instead of the damn thing being #ZergZerg

    An "automatic turn-in" of looted insignias and stuff would help towards this. Hell, if we can do remote quest turn-ins and quest-accepts, why not this too?


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    - Remove reinforcements
    - Set required wins from 100 to 25 (for veteran achieve)
    - Delete the stupid Alterac Blitz achieve (not FoS worthy imo)
    - Move it to queue alongside WG and TB

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    Remove it.

    Jk, but they should remove IoC :s

    As for AV, I want that summonable ice giant back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    Remove it.

    Jk, but they should remove IoC :s

    As for AV, I want that summonable ice giant back.
    That one was epic

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