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    People have to realize that PvP (or world pvp) is not a competitive multiplayer game. It's Red versus Blue and all in between.
    High level character versus low level characters, 5 people versus 2 people etc. That is how PvP should work in an MMORPG. When a game is based on stat progression it is stupid to try and make it competitive (aka balanced) because it will never work (and it hasn't) without changing the very fundamentals of the game.

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    While killing a low-level player is technically considered PvP, I don't see the 'versus' in it. It's completely one-sided, there's no competition, and nine times out of ten, all you are doing is ruining someone else's gaming experience. I really wish blizzard would set a level limit, you can't kill people X levels under you. Griefing players, which is exactly what this is, is just silly and childish and should not be condoned. There is nothing earned, nothing honorable about killing lowbies, it gives you a terrible reputation, and in general is just negative. And yet, some immature people still get their jollies off by doing it, day in and day out.
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    I think Blizzard should make an achievement for ganking.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icausewipes View Post
    I think Blizzard should make an achievement for ganking.
    I don't think it'll happen. They are trying to appeal to people past puberty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icausewipes View Post
    I think Blizzard should make an achievement for ganking.
    This sounds very interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icausewipes View Post
    I think Blizzard should make an achievement for ganking.
    Like, say, 1000 killing blows on enemy players at least 50 levels lower than you, in world PvP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krethos View Post

    saying "Only bad PvP'ers gank", is like saying "Only bad PvE'rs use LFR" when I know for a fact a lot of the top tier guilds use LFR AND also Gank.
    I wouldn't put ganking on the same level as LFR. Ganking is more akin to buying and playing movie license games made by THQ/ACCLAIM/LJN back in the late 80s to late 90s. Utter garbage! Fuck, I rather play Batman Forever for the Genesis and Total Recall for the NES than to gank, as it would be a more intellectually stimulating activity to say the least.

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    Because killing the future soldiers of your enemy is a good tactic to undermining their military might.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    you never no that little level 30 you keep stamping on, might just get mad enough to go get his main, Then you get to stamp on him too and really piss him off, So he gets his friends, and then you have a small skirmish going on.
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    thats world pvp for you , enjoy^^

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    There should be an achievement for world PvP 1-shots, too!

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    It's allowed because there's more gankers then you think and they are sadistic and without something to gank they'd leave the game.

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    I would hazard a guess that they have lost a lot of potential subscribers from low level ganking. Imagine you're new to the game, rolled on a PvP server without knowing what that means, and you get camped by some wannabe tough guy that's 50+ levels above you. You're pretty much going to give up and never come back, as that is how you will perceive the game to be.

    Regardless of players rolling on PvP servers or not, PvP should NOT be about ganking players. They should add some kind of immunity if you are more than 5 levels below the enemy player. If you are against that then I guess you are one of those bad players that gets their kicks from ganking lowbies, because you are so bad at winning against someone of equal level.

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    You can't roll on a PvP server without "knowing what that means." Unless you don't read, AT ALL.

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    I find it entertaining to kill a lowbie I come across when I'm roaming azeroth and I'm bored. Kill 'em, then proceed to do whatever I originally set out to do :P
    I don't mind getting killed by higher levels when I'm on a lowbie either except when they think it's funny to camp my body for several minutes.

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    Personally I would be ok with allowing it if they would put an anti-griefing mechanic in place. For instance, once you have killed someone 20-30 levels below 5 times in an hour ( just an example), they would become safe.

    Now I played on PvP servers for years, and eventually left them because I just didnt have time to deal with it messing with my more limited play time. Its pretty much something I've always felt was stupid to be able to do, and the few times I've done it myself I got no real enjoyment from it. About the only thing low level ganking ever brought for me was knowing the same crappy player hung around in the same zone at the same time everyday and I could just farm easy kills off him.

    That said, its not something I think you will see change in WoW. If they were going to they would of done it already.

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    I'm sick and tired of people like you, OP. The risks of rolling on a PLAYER VS PLAYER server have always been clear, and you automatically accept those risks when you roll on a PLAYER VS PLAYER server. If you're not happy then there are PVE realms you can transfer to.

    And before the carebears start commenting with their cowpoo definitions of what PVP means or what "real PVP" is, I'd like to say this: It's PLAYER VS PLAYER. Players fighting other players. That's it.

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    because when you kill someones low level character, they get mad and bring their high level character
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardCoder View Post
    Like, say, 1000 killing blows on enemy players at least 50 levels lower than you, in world PvP?
    Can make waaaay more achievements

    * (chained) 1/100/1000/5000/10000/25000/50000/100k/250k/500k/1M killing blows on enemy player 50 levels below you.
    * (chained) kill 1/100/1000/etc. mounted players 50 levels below you.
    * Kill every available class for X race
    * Kill every available race for X class
    * Kill same player at least 3 times in X minutes or less (can make it chained - kill 3/10/25/50/... times)
    * Kill enemy player while he's eating/drinking.
    * Kill enemy player while he's herbing/mining.
    ... and many more

    OMG can't wait for achievements for ganking :P
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    I think it depends on context. It's one thing and (IMO) perfectly acceptable to oneshot a lowbie while you're running through a zone. It's PVP after all, and they're in contested territory. Kill them, wave/laugh/spit if you're a dbag and move on. What's unacceptable (again IMO) is camping that person, because that actively prevents them from playing the game. A 2 minute inconvenience to run back to their corpse after getting ganked is one thing, having some jackass kill you repeatedly until you log off should warrant permabans to indicate that behavior is rude and not acceptable in a social game.
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