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    The Lightbringer Velgrub's Avatar
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    I play alliance sometimes because I have RL friends who don't play horde

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    I am Murloc! Scummer's Avatar
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    Both factions. I enjoy aspects of both of them and it means I get more content to play during content patches with faction specific quest lines. But ultimately I prefer playing Alliance .

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    Exclusively Horde.

    I've tried going with some Ally toons but I don't...connect to the experience as much? I could see the motivations for quest areas and the storylines but it was detached, like I was just trying to see the other side to 'experience every side of the game'.

    I've been Horde for 6 odd years and can't see myself actually playing or diverting time into an alliance toon
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    I've played both factions in Vanilla, BC and WotLK.
    However, I now exclusively play as Alliance because I simply don't like the Horde that much anymore.

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    Specifically: only forsaken characters

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    Only Alliance. Horde is ugly and I'm completely self-sufficient by covering all professions with various toons and sending stuff back and forth. I wouldn't wanna miss that.
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    Warchief Felarion's Avatar
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    Had one char in alliance back in cata, but deleted it since i need place for all classes on horde side. So im horde only now. However i think ill faction change at some opint in the time.

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    The Unstoppable Force Trassk's Avatar
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    At first in wow I played both horde and alliance with mixed toons.
    Around the time of end of TBC and into wrath I became exclusively horde.
    As cata came around and progressed though I came back to playing a couple of alliance toons, mostly worgen because they were new and had better models.
    Into mists, I now mix up horde and alliance, but still have more horde alts then ally.


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    Yes, Horde only. Playing both is frustrating since you can't send much between characters other than a few account items.

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    Horde, though I question why with all the mewling backstabbers populating my faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhaktor View Post
    Horde, though I question why with all the mewling backstabbers populating my faction.
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    Brewmaster Ettan's Avatar
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    Started out ally human pala/ gnome warrior in vanilla.
    But my mates all played horde so I swapped.
    From the bc pre patch I have exclusively played horde.

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    High Overlord Nydith's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    I jump betwin Alliance and horde all the time. But im more on horde than Alliance. I have 11x 90s on horde and 5x 90s on Alliance. but i gonna try get 11 on both faction this expansion. I really love to lvl up alts

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    All horde because I hate Stormwind

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    I always try getting a solid Horde character, but I always end up deleting them. Alliance is for me. So I guess I only play one faction, Horde VERY rarely.

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    I mainly play alliance. I have a few horde characters that I've rolled on another server just for fun/dicking around, but I don't play them seriously. I originally started playing as horde back in vanilla, but I found out one of my RL friends played alliance on my current server, so I moved there. My original Tauren warrior is still sitting there at like level 19 though.

    Pretty sure my highest level horde character (not counting DK) is around level 30.
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    Played Alliance in Vanilla, after that I've only played Horde.
    Really love the animations of UD Males, even tho my current "main" is a Tauren Druid.

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    Pit Lord Rontheking's Avatar
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    Only alliance chars, was alliance in vanilla, tbc i leveled a tauren shaman , went full alliance in wotlk , faction changed begin cata , played horde till 4.2 , 4.3 faction changed to horde , 5.0 faction changed back to ally and bin ally since. So yes i have experienced the content as both horde and alliance, just all of my friends are alliance and i have an awesome guild on alliance So i don't see the need to change horde Even though i like horde alot more , racial wise and probarly city wise
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    Stood in the Fire Zarintha's Avatar
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    Mainly Alliance. I went Horde for a while because I like the Undead and Blood Elves, but I dislike the Orcs and Taurens. Trolls are pretty cool though. Ended up going back Alliance because Orgrimmar pissed me off to no end and I prefer Alliance lore. I've got 3 max'd out Alliance toons and one 86 Hordie. I just prefer the Alliance because they are less savage and seem to be bound together more for idealogical reasons rather than necessity (exept for maybe the Nelves who need help keeping Horde out of Ashenvale etc).

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    Started Burning Crusade as Horde, got up to 32 on my tauren hunter named Cocoamoo (who I equipped with Int leather... Hey, it had higher armor bonus than the agility leather >.>), then quit. Came back in Wrath when found out my sister and her hubby were playing, and made a Draenei paladin. Been Alliance since March 09. Quit Feb 2011 because Cata just sucked so much. I had started up an undead mage on Wyrmrest, got him to 36 before I quit. Came back when 4.3 came out, got the mage to 58 and then quit in Feb 2012. Came back again in October 2012, made a panda horde shaman up to 25. Stuck with my Alliance characters, though switched to my warlock.

    I don't mind playing Horde, but at least on my main server (with my Alliance characters, all my gold and BoAs) the Horde players are massive douches (though the Alliance ones aren't much better). Would have loved to play more on Wyrmrest (I find RP servers have better players, maturity-wise. I don't acknowledge Moon Guard), but starting completely over on another server, with no money, no bags (<-- the biggest thing), and no one already known, I just can't do it. And transferring isn't an option as I don't think $25+ is worth it. Reduce the price and maybe.

    Quit again back in January, as I was having more fun in my tabletop games that met once a week than I was playing WoW each day. Wouldn't mind coming back again, but I am just afraid that I would end up getting bored yet again.

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