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    Do you only play one faction?

    I was just wondering if there are (still) people out there that commit to one faction (Horde or Alliance) and only have characters of that faction.
    I used to be a bigger roleplayer than i am now, but when i started i liked the idea of the war between the factions and i was loyal to the Horde which i liked way more and thus only had characters from the Horde faction. Now i play on two servers and stick to having only Alliance chars on the one server, and Horde chars on the other one. (PvE Server with the Alliance chars, PvP Server with the Horde chars)

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    Most of my toons are alliance. I do however have a few lowbie hordies I play now and again. I got my tauren druid to max level in wotlk but faction transfered her as horde side was dead :-(

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    I feel like you haven't had the entire experience until you've played both sides in most games that have a faction system, So I play both, I like to get the perspective of the alliance and horde, sometimes one faction has an interesting take on something that you didn't notice prior, however, this mostly only happens if you read the quest text
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    ToR is the only MMO i ever played more than just the "Good" faction because of the story.


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    I may occasionally dabble with an Alliance alt (as in, seeing the zones and quest stories) but as far as committing to max level characters, I only do Horde. Mostly because I am the type of player that never has a whole lot of gold to spend on enchants and whatnot, so it annoys me having my characters split up. And since I like the Horde races better in every way (cooler males, hotter females,) it makes it a simple decision.

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    Pretty much play exclusively Alliance. Just went Alliance from the start and it seems like a pain to switch over to Horde now even though I'd much rather be there. I do, however, have one horde character for the Double Agent achievement even though I'm not that into achievements, just found it as something to do when I'm bored. I would still classify myself as being only Alliance though.

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    I've got 5 90s on Horde and 3 on Alliance. I raid on Horde side though so I definitely play Horde the most. Couldn't see myself only ever playing one side though.

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    I'm a Hordie, but I have Alliance toons... mainly just to get away when I need a break. That doesn't mean that I don't hate the Alliance with a burning passion.

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    Nearly all of my characters are Horde, except a level 1 I use to mock my old server or the DK I made for the Double Agent achieve

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    I play exclusively Horde characters, though it's less because of loyalty and more because it makes transferring gold and mats between characters a lot easier.
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    I played my first character through SSC/TK, on Alliance. I rolled Horde to play with some friends, going forward, I've only played Horde. My poor Human warrior rots away in some inn in Northrend. I tell myself I'm gonna level her up for the Double-Agent achieve, but I haven't yet.

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    yes. im all alliance. can't stand the horde because i level'd on a pvp server where horde ridiculously outnumbered alliance. its the surest way to make you bias to one faction.

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    When I do play, I play both sides, although Horde is my primary faction because that's what all my friends play.

    I mained alliance for a while during BC for PvP reasons, but that didn't last long because of self-serving douchebag "friends".

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    I play both, mainly towards horde but I do have some lowbie alt's i'm trying to work on more.
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    The only reason I don't play Horde is because I can't send heirlooms to another server and my current server is full.

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    Both, although I have flip flopped over the years. I first was Alliance, then Horde, then back to Alliance, and I've been them ever since. I just like that side more. I like the areas more and i just enjoy the races more. That being said I do have Horde characters as well.

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    Playing only one faction is like reading halfway through a book then throwing it away.

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    I have one alliance just to see there side of the stories. I never gear it or play any raids or instances in it so i would say i only play horde.
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    Both of course. You lose so so so much if you don't play both.

    Unless of course you are one of those fanatics like :

    And vice-versa.

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    All the characters I actually play are Horde. I generally like the Horde races more, and it makes it a lot easier to send mats/gold to other toons if I need to. My only ally toon is a lvl 25 mage I rolled to play with some real life friends at the end of WotLK. Unfortunately, said friends weren't happy with Cata and quit WoW shortly after it's release, so I was left with a lvl 25 ally toon on a Horde dominated PvP server where I had nobody else to play with. After that, I went back to my Horde toons.

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