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    Do you have multiple characters of the same class?

    I have this weird restraint to not level multiple characters of the same class, even though i do have a favorite class or two.
    I also don´t have many different characters but i´m striving to level all classes even though there´s classes that just aren´t fun to me.
    Anyhow: Do you have multiple characters of the same class?

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    On different servers - yes. Same class and spec

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    I have two level 90 Undead rogues and a Pandaren rogue I'm leveling. All three on the same realm.

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    Wouldn't you like to know?
    I had 3 frost dks at 85 in cata, only one now but who knows down the road.
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    I have all 11 classes as Alliance, so I started leveling Horde. I have two shamans now; will probably level more when I get bored again.

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    I get the same class on 2 factions or on 2 servers. But it seems like wasted potential to do the same class same faction same server

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    1 server+faction, 2 rogues, 3 specs

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    i have two palys, one on horde on a pvp server one on alliance on my pve server

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    As a roleplayer, I have doubled dipped many classes. Many times.

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    i have 6 retri paladins, dunno why i just like the play style i guess

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    Yep. One for each faction.

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    Some on different factions, none capped out the same however.
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    I had a guildy who had like 6 priests at the end of cataclysm, and a paladin and shaman. All healers.

    as for me, I have a 90 druid, 51 druid, and a 10 druid. The 90 and 10 are on the same server and if I feel like it I'll be pvp lvling the 10, I had thought about doing a video series on it, but still thinking about it.

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    I leveled another warrior about a year ago because I already had a character of each class at 85 and felt like leveling another character, but that's the only class I have repeated.

    Oh actually I forgot about my old dk, deleted my old dk back in wrath and then leveled a new one about a year later..and then restored the old one but didn't bother to level him more so he stayed at 80.
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    No, and I've never understood why you would want to. It'd be far easier to consolidate your class efforts into one character, rather then across two.

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    Yup. I have, I think, 4 shamans , 4-5 druids, and 3 pallies between three accounts all on the same server/faction. Granted, some are twinks stuck at certain levels, others are throw-aways (I level them until I get tired of them, then delete them) and one pally is stuck at level 60, not really twinking, but he's holding a guild for the guild storage and I never actually play him.
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    4 dk's, 3 druids, 2 pala's spread across factions and servers

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    i dont see why id want to,. no benefits to it,
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    Got a Level 85 Protection Warrior on EU-Eredar and a Level 90 Protection Warrior on EU-Rexxar. Both are Tauren and the one on Rexxar was Alliance up until last week.
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    not right now. im aiming for all classes and races first. but id like to make another ne druid

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