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    Yes, I have 2 lvl 90 Hpalas

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    None that are at a high level, no. I have made like 6 warriors but then scrapped them across different servers but finally kept one who is going strong at 35. Whenever I try making a class I already have at like 80+ (hell, even 70+) I feel like playing on that toon instead since I already have one established, even if it is on a different server.
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    I leveled a second druid during cata as my bank char and to farm mats (especially in vashir) as miner and herbalist.

    The only problem is, that there is one character slot missing to have every class on one server plus a bank/farm char.

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    Not at current max level no. I have two hunters, one level 80 Tauren that was my original character I no longer play and a 23 Human Hunter now that is mainly a bank alt. Also have two Warriors (Worgen at 90, Undead at 80) with a similar story, in that the Undead was my second character and when I swapped to Alliance I wanted a new Warrior.

    The only class I am currently tempted to have two of at max level is Death Knights. I have an 83 Blood Elf one I've been working on and an 87 Draenei, but not in a major rush. Same server for now, but will be transferring the Horde one to a new server at the start of next month I think. Main reason I generally don't level multiple characters of the same class or try not to is that I'd rather try out new classes. Currently I have six at 90 (Warrior, Paladin, Mage, Rogue, Warlock and Priest) and like to try out new classes (Aiming at one of the Death Knights and a Shaman next) and interested in trying out Monks.

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    yea a twink rogue

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    Yep. I've got 4 Warriors. 1 Prot Warrior for Alliance and Horde, that being a Dwarf and Tauren. Then I also have 1 Fury/Arms Warrior for each faction also with both of them being Worgen and Orc.

    My Prot Warrior's are my mains (with my Alliance one being my primary) and my Fury Warriors are my preferred alts.

    I love Warriors.

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    One of each spec regardless of faction and server, though they're not 90s yet.

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    I have 2 warlocks: A Horde warlock and an Alliance warlock.
    But I created this Alliance warlock quite early in Vanilla and when I started to play mainly Horde on another server, I also wanted to play warlock again... unfortunately, there wasn't the possibility to use a faction change in the beginning of BC (at least I think so >.<*) and therefore I had to create a new warlock.

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    I have two druids, to cover all four specs (guardian/feral and balance/resto, for easier gearing) from before they officially split them into four specs.

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    Yeah. although mine is more based on roleplay characters then class. I so far have 3 shamans, 3 hunters, 2 paladins, 3 monks, and several other single classes.


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    yeah, priests, druids and hunters. all at different levels, different races/factions. account-wide mounts/pets/acheivements ftw!
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    I have 6 druids,3of them on my main server ^_^

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    Nah, personally I just have 1 character I stick with. While leveling many alts behind for the fun of it.
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    Had like 4 85Hunters near the end of Cataclysm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alvanir View Post
    I have this weird restraint to not level multiple characters of the same class, even though i do have a favorite class or two.
    I also don´t have many different characters but i´m striving to level all classes even though there´s classes that just aren´t fun to me.
    Anyhow: Do you have multiple characters of the same class?
    I'm an auction house whore with 2 accounts so I always lvl 2 deathknights whenever I start on a different realm just for professions.

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    Not at the moment, when im able to make multiple DKs on same server ill lvl another just for the lulz

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    Whereas strictly technically (multiple would be at least 3) no... But I guess I can ignore the technicality, and say yes.
    2 Hunters, 2 Druids, 2 Monks.
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    Two rogues, one belf and one gnome, different servers, same professions though (engineering), i have 3 engineers (the 3rd is a dk).
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    2 hunters, leveling another one in the future. I just love the class and having a "theme" to their pets and such. My main is pandaren, had her since the beginning. My second is a goblin and she has quirky, fun pets. My third will most likely be a troll male with troll inspired pets and moggs.

    I also have 2 priests, but 1 is a twink at 70. I will probably, since DK's are so strong for soloing content, level another DK to 90 eventually. My goal would be to have 1 of each on both factions, but that's for a time when we perhaps get account-wide reputation and such, not just boosts.
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    No. I don't see the point in doing that. WTF?

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