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    I do, but they're on different servers. I can't exactly afford to have two of the same class with an 11-character per server restriction now can I?

    I have never had two of the same class maxed at the same time though, except for once back in Wrath. I had taken to leveling/casually playing a Tauren Druid on an RP server after getting bored with my main, a Night Elf Druid. When the Cataclsym pre-expansion events rolled around, I really wanted to see both sides (plus Horde and Alliance got different goodies for participating) so I power-leveled that sumbitch like nobody's business and squeaked by on my freshly-maxed Tauren. It was good to see the Horde stuff, but I ended up having more time than I thought so I really didn't have to put myself through so much hassle, especially during college. -_-

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    server transfers are for chumps
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    As if leveling a hunter once could ever be enough :P
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    Not of the max level, I still have a few old twinks of classes I play hanging around from back before blizzard ruined twinking.

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    Not max level, or chars I actually play, but if you count some low level alts that were created at different times, yes.
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    at one point had 3 prot warriors on the same realm but now i just have several at level 90 on various realms, i just love prot tanking

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    yea but they're low lvl and alliance. so they'll nvr probably get to max lvl.

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    Yus! At one point I had 4 max level Druids on my main realm, but I transfered 2 off to other realms, but I now have a total of 7 Druids levelled. Can you tell what my fav class is yet? lol. I just love levelling them, they are super fun, Druid was the class I chose as my first ever character 7+ years ago. It's a thing

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    <3 My locks but i have them on different servers/factions

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    Two of each class, my horde monk is only lvl 16 though.

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    My main is a warrior, but I made my worgen a warrior too. Though that character was created mainly to just experience 1-60 content on the Alliance side.
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    I have a level 90 WW monk and started to level another monk to learn how to heal. Around level 45, I just stopped and used raid finder to learn to heal. I'm still pretty sure I'm not doing it right, but since raid finder is my end game... /shrug. I was thinking of leveling another warrior or paladin (87/34) but just haven't yet.

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    I have two warriors. One 90 and one 42. Both prot for two reason. One, I like prot tanking; two, prot PvP is OP at low levels.

    Also, I had two priests, hunters, and mages. One for PvE, one for PvP.

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    The only Characters that are the same class are my two Pallies. Ones a Dwarf and the other is a Blood Elf.

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    i have 4 locks and a low level lock im currently leveling i think only 1 of my locks is pretty low on gear (at like 515 ilvl) i love locks tried other classes just didnt enjoy them as much

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