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    Marked target unit frame/target macro

    Hi guys,

    Is there a specific addon, or any way to change ElvUI, that displays boss frames of marked adds/units?

    Say I mark a spawning turtle with a skull on Tortos. Is there any way to have an addon display that skull like it would display the boss, or like a main tank is displayed in the tanking unit frames etc.

    If not: What are the (if they exist) icon target macros? I can simply keybind those to bypass the issue.

    Right now I'm either tab cycling through targets until I end up on the, f.e., skull marked add (highly inefficient), or I fish around my Tidyplates for the marked add and click its nameplate (less inefficient, but still not fast enough). Is there any way to overcome this slight problem? I'm not really struggling with target swaps, but if there's a way to improve upon it, I'll take it. One of my own adjusments has been to create target "mob name" macros, but it still cycles me through available mobs with said name. I want to immediately target a specific mark as efficiently as possible.


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    I am quite sure there is no way of auto targeting a marked mob. You could assist someone though, if he/she is the one who does the skull marking or you can trust somebody else on targeting the right mob faster than yourself. That is why main assist role exits after all

    Clicking its nameplate should be as fast and as efficient as it can get, since you will do the target switch while on gdc or casting, and ready to use any next ability on the right target without loosing any time. Having a clean, comfy setup of your nameplates helps a lot for these matters. Like using smaller or hidden nplates for the bats, emphasized plates for marked mobs etc, whatever works right for you.

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