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    Weak Auras, send whisper to the source of a given spell

    Hello there

    Would it be possible to whisper the person that casts smth on you? As in thanking someone for an innervate, a leap of faith, a HoP or whatever.

    I guess this should probably be done in the custom trigger, since the send message actions do not admit any variables from the trigger.

    I know there are some standalone addons capable of this, at least to auto whisper when buffed, but I have been trying WA to cover as many of my needs as possible since I moved into it.


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    Give that a shot. I put Innervate, Leap of Faith, and Hand of Protection there but if you want to add/remove them you can do so in the array at the top of the custom trigger.

    Note that this trigger will not work for abilities that have cast times, for that you'd have to do something tiny bit more complicated.
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    Beautiful, thanks a lot Aggixx

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