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    Stood in the Fire Jonas's Avatar
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    Don't think i've read a quest since BC

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    The Unstoppable Force
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    Of course, it's an RPG and I care about the story, now more than ever most likely.

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    first time always and then only if i cant remember what it was about.

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    Nope, never. I don't care about lore, I care about raiding and PvP, which there is none of before max level. Just pick up quest, look for the location of said quest on the map, go there, do whatever is needed, go back and turn it in.

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    I always do. I want to actually enjoy the game and the story. If I want to mindlessly run through and kill stuff, I'll fire up an FPS game.

    The only time I don't is when I'm questing with friends. None of my friends are like me when it comes to reading quest texts, so by the time I read it, they're already halfway to the quest item wondering where I am because they are all "GOGOGOGOGO" mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldscar View Post
    First time doing a quest, yes.

    After that, maybe.
    Most of the time I don't read the text past the first of second times, just because, most quest are really easy to undestand, and once you know them there is simply no need to read them anymore.
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    Been playing since UBRS10 and I've only intentionally read quest text maybe a dozen times. Quests are probably the farthest reason from why I play the game.

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    I used to read them the first time - especially since when I started playing we didn't have the whole in built quest tracking on the map thing, so you kinda had to read them, but I confess lately I've been finding myself ignoring them even on quests I haven't done before and just opening the map and heading towards numbers.

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    Yes, but I skip Pandaria outside of the Horde centered quests. I just don't give a f*ck about those damn pandas.

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    On the first character.

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    I'm obsessive... with every character.
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    Not if i don't like the questgiver. I'm not joking; i'd rather play than read, and unfortunately i tend to judge the description from the title or how the NPC appears.
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    Nope, I never do. I tried once, but I just couldn't take it. Which is why I prefer voice overs.

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    When there's a new expansion out and i'm leveling my main fast to the cap I don't read quest texts. However on the next character I do.
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    New Kid Zaelsino's Avatar
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    Depends whether I care about what they pertain to. I don't really care for why some guy in Desolace wants me to kill ten boars, but I'll listen intently to why Grand Magister Rommath wants me to bust into the Violet Citadel and save Aethas Sunreaver.

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    Only the first time through.

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    Fluffy Kitten Nicola's Avatar
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    From time to time. Sometimes I just want to move on as fast as possible, just skipping the text and killing 10 bad guys for whatever reason.

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    The Patient
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    Unless it's a daily, I glance at it for a quarter of a second. If the tracked objectives are unclear or I'm having some other difficulty, I go back and actually read it.

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