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    Disc/Shaman vs Disc/Monk PVE healing

    Hiy guys! Guild is at 8/12 ToT normal - doing well. I play a resto shaman with disc priest and holy/ret pala. Unfortunately I am feeling rather lacking in the healing department. I'm not talking about meters - but I can definitely feel that most fights are extremely uncomfortable to heal as a shaman. Recently tried monk mist and am in love with but frightened of losing all that shaman utility ><

    Looking at our setup from a logical point of view is a disc, monk, pala more viable over disc, shaman, pala. It's kinda killing me and if there is any time to change it's gotta be before reset.


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    This is for 10man right ? Disc priest/holly pally + (insert third healer here with some skill and and a legit DPS offspec) is best imo.

    I think shaman heals is a bit lower than monk on most fights, but Shaman's are getting some buffs. Not sure how that might change things going forward.

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    We are 11/12 normal with disc (holy)/ resto shaman healing - third healer is ele/resto shaman. I started the expansion on a monk healing experiment and came back to my priest. Monks have high hps but tied to randomly spreading renewing mists and don't have the cooldowns for dealing with "oh crap". Disc and shaman healing masteries tend to not play well together unless you are dealing with enough damage to stretch you to your limits. Holy pally does not play well with shaman mastery either.

    A discipline priest can snipe all the healing in a low damage situation and make a shaman feel worthless. Get your priest to spend more time with atonement in low damage situations (contributing to the raid dps making shorter fights). I love my shaman co-healer. I may be able to prevent bad part of the time as a priest, but if bad happens, the shaman is much better equipped to fix it.

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    Yes for 10m - disc/holy pala yes is great but as it stands our holy pala has a dps OS and I wont ever be going dps - I'd rather quit the game. Been healing for years and dps just doesn't cut it for me whereas our holy pala (also gm) is very willing to change and who also actually has a dps OS AND current gear (I couldn't play for a long time and am only now catching up with MS). Least to say that's pretty discouraging :*( I'd have to be the one to two heal fights etc but really was just trying to find out if shaman or monk is better for 10m as am willing to choose between those two right now. ty for opinions though

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    Disc + Pally + anything works fine.

    Shamans are also fine healers, but with that said a Monk will fit your comp better than a Shaman would. You already have 2 powerful tank healers with absorbs. The perfect compliment to that is a high HPS raid healers which is exactly the Monk's forte.

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    I do love our disc priest Synergy between classes feels icky is the only explanation I have. Never really healed with disc so not sure if I should relax a bit more on this front? Shaman has a ton of cds you're right and great for oh crap situations - then again they (me?) am poo with spread raid dmg. Yes riptide glyph and chain heal and single target voila but I find I run into mana probs and without TC or time to cast it overall goes down hill towards the end of a fight. The only fight we have two healed is council, up until 8th we've not needed to otherwise. So bearing in mind am usually with a disc and a holy pala would a monk be better? this makes my head hurt really... lol

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    MW/Disc is pretty killer because both healers can do a considerable amount of damage (our MW breaks 80k on a number of fights). Aside from losing all that damage, Shaman mastery is just bad when paired with Disc and mastery-stacked HPal because with all those absorbs, people never get low enough for the mastery to kick in, and CH/HR can rarely be used effectively because there are only 10 people around and they're generally pretty spread out.

    The only fights this tier where a Shaman is well utilized is Megaera and p4 Iron Qon, which aren't even difficult fights. The reason they're good in 25s is tanks get absolutely smashed and there are enough people that healing rain and chain heal are generally effective.

    We run Disc/HPal/MW. It works really well.

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    I am leaning more towards monk - but then I think of two heal situations and shudder at lack of cds. Not really done enough "normals" or hard fights to definitively say. Then again how many two heal situations are there? 1 so far for us, so not as many as the rest. This is a scary change ><

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    We raid with Disc/MW and a ret/holy pally. Our MW has amazing throughput on the fights w/ people at a defecit constantly i.e. Megara. On fights with predictable damage the Disc comes out ahead on meters. But as others have said before, the meters have no bearing on killing a boss. A resto shaman is amazing for having mana tide for you healer companions as well as Spirit link and grounding totem etc. Remember as a healing team it isn't as much about having all 3 (or 2) tied on the meters at the end, but having everyone alive at the end without being oom for the last 2 minutes of the fights

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    Ach it isn't about the meters! It's actually about feeling unable to fully utilize my shaman like in the past -guess the mastery side of it explains that feeling. It's a feeling y'know? Like something else might work better. Don't talk about mana - I have to NOT use MT at times coz they are full.. >< :P

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    For 10man it's hard to go past the disc priest/holy pally combo at the moment. For the third spot I'd lean toward a MW or even a resto druid (with Boomkin o/s). If I had to choose between disc/monk or disc/shaman I'd go disc/monk personally. Besides the healing there's the potential to put out some helpful dps. Outside of their big cds shaman are a little weak for 10mans at the moment. 10man raids, and ToT for that matter, don't seem to play to the shamans strengths. I could see shamans being much stronger in 25 man situations but for 10mans I'm not sold.

    FWIW my group raids with a disc priest/holy pally/resto shaman. We two heal a couple of fights, and when we do it's always the shaman we switch to dps because we really couldn't afford to lose the heals from the other two. That's just our experience. Your mileage may vary :P

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    Thanks for opinion guys! Am gonna give monk a jolly good try

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